Revival Lakeland


"Imperial Lakeland"

1.    Except the L-rd build the house...
Imperial Lakeland...
Sin cannot rule in this City!
An Angelic Host to stand guard...
The Children and youth of this City
They love the truth and the Word of G-d abides in them!
        Prophetically - Proclamation  Released by Rev. Grace Warnock  2006


Except the L-rd build the house...

Except the L-rd build the house, they labor in vain that build it: except the L-rd keep the city, the watchman wakes but in vain. (Psalm 127:1)

All works of men built independent of G-d are vain. This psalm teaches man to depend on G-d for success in building lasting thingsówhether houses, families, businesses, national security, or anything else.

When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn. (Proverbs 29:2) 

When the wicked are in power the righteous retire; when the righteous rule G-dliness is revived!

Imperial Lakeland...

Father {YHVH} , You said that we could ask for the Nations and the Earth because they are our inheritance. We receive the "City of Imperial Lakeland" now by faith and release the Word of the L-rd over this City.

"Imperial Lakeland", will prepare the way of the L-rd in Jesus Christís Name {Yeshua}! He is L-rd over "Imperial Lakeland" and He guards our City with a hedge of thorns and a wall of fire!

The Church of the L-rd Jesus Christ {Yeshua Messiah} in the City of Lakeland is a righteous Community and we take our appointed place of authority over Imperial Lakeland and say that this City gladly receives Kingdom rules!

"Imperial Lakeland" is a land that flows with prosperity. The spirit of poverty and lack is bound and can no longer have access to this City.

Careers are plentiful and wages are in abundance. The people do not suffer lack in any way! Men and woman of wealth are running to our City to sow into the Kingdom of YHVH. Government grants are being released to the appropriate people, without hesitation to build facilities to train and equip people to prosper and live!

"Imperial Lakeland" is a land that flows in health. This City will not build to support sickness and disease, but is a place where people will find physical, emotional and spiritual healing!

"Imperial Lakeland" is Spirit {Roach HaKodesh} led and the spirit of religion can not reside!

This municipal government is occupied by men and women who love G-d and follow His principals. All of the decisions made concerning "Imperial Lakeland" are made and measured by the Word of G-d!

Sin cannot rule in this City!

The spirit of substance use and abuse is bound in Jesus Christí Name {Yeshua}!
The spirit of violence, murder and crime is bound in Jesus Christí Name {Yeshua}!
The spirit of perversion and uncleanness is bound in Jesus Christí Name {Yeshua}!
The spirit of witchcraft, manipulation and control is bound in Jesus Christí Name {Yeshua}!
The influence of the false prophet is bound in Jesus Christí Name {Yeshua}!
All those who support these sins are bound and silenced in Jesus Christí Name {Yeshua}! They will repent and turn to G-d or else they will have to leave this City in the in Jesus Christí Mighty Name {Yeshua}! People will no longer follow them. All of their sources are dried up!

Righteousness and Holiness will rule in Imperial Lakeland!

The celebrity spirit cannot overshadow the rightful place of our G-d in this City in Jesus Christí Name {Yeshua}!

"Imperial Lakeland" will experience and live in the authentic presence of G-d in Jesus Christí Name {Yeshua}!

The spirit of division is bound in Jesus Christí Name {Yeshua}! Unity abides and is embraced by all who live in our City. All racial and gender issues are bound in Imperial Lakeland, we are the City that chooses to love with the love of G-d!

We release the Spirit of Adoption in Imperial Lakeland. We release the Revival Winds of G-d to blow across this City. We apply the Blood of Jesus Christ {Yeshua} over this City to cleanse and wash away every residue of sin!

An Angelic Host to stand guard...

We ask for an Angelic Host to stand guard around the borders of this City doing all necessary warfare for us as we establish G-dís Kingdom in "Imperial Lakeland"!

We release the Word of G-d that we planted at the gates of this City and in the ground in this City to spring up and to produce in Jesus Christís Name {Yeshua}!

When people cross the City limits into our City they will instantly acknowledge that "Imperial Lakeland" is a City where the Kingdom of YHVH rules!

The Children and youth of this City

The Children and youth of this City are kept safe in Jesus Christí Name {Yeshua}!

Every assignment of the enemy to kill, capture, seduce, and deceive is cancelled in Jesus Christí Name {Yeshua}!
The spirit of the world and rebellion is broken off of them and bound in Jesus Christí Name {Yeshua}!
The enemy cannot and will not touch generations to come. Our children will be taught of the L-rd. They will be world changers and will embrace and carry the presence of G-d to their homes, schools, churches, activities and to the Nations!........"


!They love the truth and...

The Word of G-d abides in them!

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