The spirit of jezebel
A warring contending principality!

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*Jezebel: A master manipulator!
*Characters of Jezebel
*Jezebel did evil & served "Idol god Baal
Under the influence of the jezebel spirit!
*Horrific facts
*It time to be delivered from the influences of the spirit of jezebel!

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Jezebel: A master manipulator!


It is time for the spirit of jezebel to be exposed and resisted in our generation! We cannot continue to  except her to seduce, "teach", "prophesy", and control the Church or Ministry masked and unchallenged! Jezebel has proclaimed war against you and has the persevering intention whatever it takes to try and destroy your Church or ministry and...your life as well! You better prepare yourself for serious war! The more spiritually you are; the more our relationship with Yeshua Messiah grows in your life; the more you are going deeper into the depths and Divine wisdom of G-d; the more open and obedient to what the Holy Spirit {Roach HaKodesh} wants you to do: the more sensitive you are going to be to the Jezebel spirit and her seductive work!

Just having a  "nice" Christian Church meeting, a performance of a so "anointed"{???} "worship" leader and than everybody clapping their hands and saying "Hallelujah
Jesus" from their seats and than having the intension "you are so blessed"!?; NOT specific the sermon to have the ultimate spiritual climate, so you are able to discern the spiritual climate in your church, Ministry and in your area (City)! You have to have a real aggressive; fervent; persevering; uncompromised; spiritual mature with a discernment sensitive attitude; to have the victorious battle against the sprit of jezebel!!! That means you are a real threat for the enemy! It will scare him as well! So stop to playing a game with G-d's precious people and His
church; stop with compromises! If you straighten her out and put her in her place, you better prepare yourself for serious war! The spirit of jezebel will be one of the greatest enemy of the Church in these last days!
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Jezebel did evil & served "Idol god Baal"!


Jezebel was the daughter of Ethbaal, king of the Zidonians or Tyre and Sidon. King Ahab of Israel, the son of Omri, did evil in the sight of the L-rd, took Jezebel in marriage and went and served Baal. Ahab coveted the vineyard of Naboth and when he could not obtain it, Jezebel slandered Naboth and he was stoned and the vineyard given to Ahab. Jezebel is mentioned as the licentious false prophet of the Thyatira Church of the seven churches of Revelation. The church at Thyatira seems to fulfill the age of the Western Church from the dark ages unto the present time when their last works are more than the first. The Babylonian idea of fleshly leadership in the church started with Rome and continued with the Protestants with the separation of clergy and laity. The denial of the sacramental quality of marriage leads the church into fornication and the false authority leads the church into confusion and false prophecy.


Jezebel is a figurative and spiritual name for us. She is a whore and a witch whose spirit endures in the church by taking over the “vineyard” of the L-rd. She covers her face with make-up to appear more attractive. The wife of Ahab had introduced the abominations of “Astarte” worship into Israel. Jezebel slew the prophets of the L-rd! She led her husband into the same idolatry and fed the prophets of Baal at her own table. She was a woman eventually destroyed by the very government she herself corrupted. The word of G-d came to Elijah and called him to show himself to Ahab and it would rain. The prophet came out of nowhere, stirred the righteous hearts and the priests of Baal were put to death by the people. Jezebel is referred to as the corrupt woman, the mother of harlots and abominations of the earth. It was not Elijah alone but Jehu the anointed King over Israel that sought out the prophets of Baal and slew them, avenging the blood of the prophets. It was this king that dealt jezebel the death blow by having her thrown down from the wall.

Under the influence of the jezebel spirit!


In Thyatira, the jezebel spirit was and is introducing these same vile practices into the Christian church! By attaching herself to the Christians and manipulating them, she is insisting on the right to teach and practice licentious indulgence and claiming inspiration for her teaching. Those in the church that despise prophecy and forbid the true prophets to speak are under the influence of the jezebel spirit! They may not have actually killed the prophets but by not allowing G-d's free operation to speak through His ministers, they kill the spirit that speaks through Him, thereby introducing the confusion of Babylon and the false teaching and doctrines of demons that identify a divided church! Even the true prophets among the apostate church will be hidden and not allowed to feast upon the richness of spiritual meat. Those under the influence of the jezebel spirit will despise true prophecy, entertain the false prophets and attack those with true spiritual authority!


Not all Thyatira pastors accept this teaching and this stinging rebuke is not for those that have not reached into jezebel's satanic depth. Judgment is given according to the works of those under the jezebel spirit. The words against them are delivered from One "with eyes like fire and feet like brass." Without repentance, the sin of fornication, idolatry, worldliness and schismatic confusion will cause tribulation and the death of the children who commit adultery with "her"!

Jezebel uses her controlling influence to lead G-d's people to worship a false church system that is not led by G-d's Holy Spirit. Instead of being the Bride of Christ/Yeshua, the church is turned into a harlot turning to other gods, and a harem, becoming many wives through the denominational divisions. It is hard to resist once under her spell, she feels just like Jesus/Yeshua but it is a delusion. Those under the jezebel spirit are given a false peace about the sin and confusion and the Spirit of conviction does not take hold because they are given over to satan's deception for the destruction of the flesh. She will even counterfeit the Holy Spirit feeling of holiness in the heart. You have to be delivered from her influences! Jezebel is the spirit of modern day Babylon and we are told to flee from her!


Jezebel is covering her face with a type of delusion; that is given to the church so that they might not recognize her “real spirit” behind her the influence! So to make herself more attractive and “more supposal truth” (?); it suggests a type of evil that is all made up to look attractive to those that are under or becoming under her spell! My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children. (Hosea 4:6) 


It is the jezebel spirit that has seduced our present generation to commit fornication, whether sexual or political, to deny the true prophets and has allowed the spirit in the mainstream, justifying it according to the mores of the times. Those under her spell think it is overlooked by God. We need to pray for these ones that the Jezebel spirit is overcome so that they will see the truth. There are loved ones involved that need to be restored, churches that need the prophetic truth, there are millions right around you just waiting to hear this truth and submit themselves to true spiritual authority so that they may be delivered. Now you know, the trumpet is at your lips, sound the alarm!

Characters of jezebel


→A master in manipulation; she is one of the best!
→A warring; contending principality
 working out of the spirit of controlling manipulation when "she" attacks those in true spiritual authority!
→Is like a shark;  she is most vicious & dangerous!
→Loves to pull people unto herself  and away from those who can truly speak into their lives!
→Will "feed" her victims spiritual pride  to gain a soul tie!
She will undermine their ability to discern or hear from G-d  without her conformation!
→A warring spirit who is always dressed for battle!
→A lover of power; "Give me, give me, give me"!
→She will compromise even herself; to do whatever it takes to maintain her position!
→She is going out into the Church or Ministry to the weak seducible ones; to use them for control and (her) position!
She despises the voice of G-d; she will be in control and  is abusive, challenging with the Word of G-d!
→She is constantly contending with & attacking positions of authority; like in Churches and Ministries!
→She attaches herself to leadership and positions of authority; like in Churches and Ministries!
→She doesn't want to recognize any spiritual authority; other than her own!
→She will try to confuse; release fear; trying to get you to carry her message;
the wrong prophetic utterance; it's called witchcraft!
→She will use "prophecy as a tool to manipulate; "prophetic utterances" to feed spiritual pride (flattery); to reach her goal!
→She will use "prophecy as a tool to manipulate; to release through "false prophets" her smooth sayings; "fortune telling" and deception into the Church!
She will try to schedule her "friends"; using them as a tool to manipulate!
→She will question you; trying to wear you down & pull you out of faith; "G-d didn't really say that..."!
→She is possessive and selfish; Focusing all the attention only for herself!
→She loves to flow in the realm of insecurities; questioning, questioning, questioning!
→She is constantly undermining everything that god is doing in your life; undermining your faith in the actions from G-d in your life!
→She wants to pull you unto her; feeling that she's more capable of handling situations than you are!
→Jezebel is covering her face with a type of delusion so that the church might not recognize her “real spirit

It time to be delivered from the influences of the spirit of jezebel!


It is up to the church to become the spotless Bride in these last days and cast out the false prophets, we have the right and the power, we need but have the resolve to appropriate this power as the chosen remnant! You have to be delivered from her influences! Jezebel is the spirit of modern day Babylon and we are told to flee from her! There are loved ones involved that need to be restored, churches that need the prophetic truth!

The eyes of the L-rd are in every place, beholding the evil and the good. (Proverbs 15:3)
Hell and destruction are before the L-rd: how much more then the hearts of the children of men? (Proverbs 15:11)

Surely the L-rd G-d will do nothing, but He revealed His secret unto His servants the prophets. (Amos 3:7)




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