A place of intensive radical worship before the Throne of the Father! A space for Revival!

The Sounds from Heaven


Praise (ye) the L-rd. Praise G-d in his sanctuary: praise Him in the firmament of his power. (in the Heavens of His power) [2] Praise him for his mighty acts (deeds): praise him according to his (most) excellent greatness. [3] Praise him with the sound of the trumpet. (Horn) (Shofar) praise him with the (sound) psaltery and harp. [4] Praise him with the timbrel and dancing: (+ percussions) praise him with stringed instruments and (wind instruments {or} flutes!) organs. (the pipe; the flute) [5] Praise him upon the loud sounding cymbals: praise him upon the high sounding (resounding) cymbals! Let everything that has breath  praise the L-rd! Praise the L-rd!  (Psalm 150)c
(Is modified for the song; (Part of "Everything that has breath- Eagle Star Pro." CD: "In the Spirit" with Don Potter; Leonard Jones & Matthew Donovan; Morning Star )


Useful Instruments & tools in Praising G-d!

1. Trumpet/Shofar.  Hebrew: showphar, a cornet; a curved horn; a Shofar! (Psalm 47:5; Psalm 81:3)
2. PsalteryA portable 10-stringed instrument
(Psalm 150:3; Psalm 33:2; Psalm 144:9)
3. Harp. Stringed instrument a portable harp or lyre of 3 to 5 strings. (Psalm 150:3; 33:2; 57:8; 98:5; 147:7; 149:3)
4. Timbrel.  Hebrew: toph, tambourine; drum; tabret; tomtom
(Psalm 150:4; Psalm 81:2; Psalm 149:3)
5. Dance.  Hebrew: machowl, a round dance; to whirl (Psalm 150:4; Psalm 149:3; Exodus 15)
6. Stringed instruments. Strings, like a zither (Psalm 150:4)
7. Organs. A wind instrument like a flute
(Psalm 150:4; Genesis 4:21; Job 21:12; Job 30:31)
8. Loud cymbals.  Hebrew: tselatsal, two hollow plates of brass (Psalm 150:5)
9. High sounding cymbals (Psalm 150:5)
10. Every living thing that hath breath! (Psalm 150:6)


Praise the L-rd with harp: sing unto him with the psaltery and an instrument of ten strings. (Psalm 33:2) Rejoice in the L-rd and praise Him with harp! Sing unto Him with psaltery a new creative song to Him. Sing with stringed instruments and play skillfully with loud noise! Let all the earth fear the L-rd and let mercy be upon the hopeful!


Music as a powerful force!



Music was originally created as a powerful spiritual force to worship the Father around His Divine Throne and have the power to grip men's hearts. Good music belongs to G-d only! Depending on our personal motivation to make music, it can be well-pleasing to G-d, or evil or self idol worship! (Isaiah 1:10, 18) G-d will resist the pride. It's is in G-d’s will to share with those people, with hearts of devotion only for Him, who are prepared to handle responsibility over the powerful  music from the Father's Throne. Music is also a form of expression and language, in the view of the Gospel, to reach, touch and bless Saints or people who still live worldly! It causes them to repent of their sins and will bring them to salvation, so that they become new born Christians.


Sunday-morning traditional programmed (boxed-in) songs are not seen as  well-pleasing to G-d.  Praise & worship are different ways of expressing yourself to G-d in adoration, in the form of music (Prophetically anointed radical worship music, with or without native language),  but also flows from  G-d to us! G-d will also express Himself in the form of music, songs, dance etc…! This can be expressed in combination with prophetic Dance; Flags, Banners! There is so much more for us to understand in the ways of expression in Music. It is a powerful force which we must learn to utilize respectfully, carefully and properly! Music with it's songs is spiritual, and a powerful media for communicating. The churches have to discern the voice and will of G-d and must learn to use this form of communication skillfully! ©



Usually there will be a harmony between the worship leader and what is going on in the church. It not about only a good message, but a combination of radical worship in His “Courtyard of His Temple”; discerning the perfect will of the Holy Spirit; give Him the freedom so that it will be relevant and effective and bear fruit! We have to know and to discern that the L-rd speaks to the world through music when it is inspired by Him, indeed and what He is speaking to those who do not know Him yet! ©
(Source “Music as a powerful force & Harmony” is partly out of the teachings of Rev. Rick Joyner, of Morning Stars Ministries ©. The rest is from God’s Outreach Ministry int. Inc. from the Web-page’s of “Stream from Heaven” The text is changed from its original version!)




When we are left to worship G-d in our own way, we simply will NOT worship Him! For our flesh will not allow us to worship Him in the Spirit! We are people of unclean lips, and we are dwelling in the midst of a people of unclean lips: Our eyes can see the KING of GLORY, the L-RD of HOSTS! People are now to bring themselves to G-d instead of sacrifices to the altar as of old.  They are now to be wholly the L-rd's as were the former sacrifices! …When we enter worthily the place of Radical Worship! Let’s boldly go before the Throne for an impartation of G-d’s grace! We can choose to align our sound with the sound of Heaven! It is so amazing to think that there is nothing that does not catch the ear of G-d, Whether it is a small voice or a "big bang".

Transformed by a supernatural change, as in Matthew 17:2; Mark 9:2; Romans 12:2; 2 Corinthians 3:18.  This change is by a renewing of the mind or spirit (Titus 3:5; cp. 2 Corinthian. 4:16; Col. 3:10; Hebrews 6:6; Ephesians 4:23).


There is a place...


...Draw not nigh hither: put off thy shoes from off thy feet, for the place whereon thou standest is Holy ground! (Exodus 3:5)

There is so much more, which we do not know yet. By our "walk" on earth, G-d will reveal us more and more how to worship Him, with the tremendous effects of real devoted worship before His Holy Throne, by His Holy Spirit!

There is a place prepared for you, a place for the chosen of G-d! You can enter it right NOW! You can dwell in the GLORY of the L-rd Most High! It is prepared for you, a long time ago! It belongs to you and it is the will of G-d to show you how to dwell there! It is the room in the Heavenly places, which will break your heavy yoke! (Isaiah 10:27)

There is a place of total surrender, humbling yourself to G-d and exalting of G-d!
There is a place, for a higher call, that will lead you to an even higher way!
There is a place of receiving more blessings, Divine anointing & Shekinah Glory!
There is a place where Ever-changing Heavenly musical melodies in endless scales of indescribable beauty are like a
Spontaneous Well of Living Waters gushing forth from His Throne that will flow for your refreshment! Where you can receive victory and liberty! Where the weight of the burden will fall from you!

There is a place where depression will be transformed into an expression of great joy!
Come on into this place, His courtyard of His Holy Heavenly Temple, His sanctuary, where the ground under your feet is Holy!
There is a place that Angelic beings have just come  from the Shekinah-Presence of Almighty G-d, and are singing beautiful songs before the Throne of G-d!

There is a place where a Divine Sound comes from Heaven! Too awesome to describe! An unutterable ecstasy!
There is a place where Angelic symphonies play continuously free-flowing music! There is no metaphor or words in earthly language to describe all this... armies of millions of angels who worship (before) His Holy face with never silent singing!
There is a place where we can worship together with the millions of angelic symphonies

It is the place where the Glory of the omnipotent Eternal G-d (YHVH; Hashem; Adonai) is dazzling beyond description. For with the angel’s song we also can see His Holy Throne.

It is the place where everything what is not of G-d in your life will be consumed by the cleansing & sanctifying FIRE of G-d!

It is the place where you communicate with G-d, receive Divine revelation, Divine instruction, words of prophecy, encouragement, comfort and counsel from the Heavenly Father!
It is the place that you should listen in silence to the gentle voice of the Holy Spirit, that will tell you what is yet to come!


The key is that we will worship Him and we sing and praise to the L-rd of Host together with the Millions of angelic voices! So He will also fight our battle!
And he said, Hearken ye, all Judah, and ye inhabitants of Jerusalem, and thou king Jehoshaphat, Thus saith the L-rd unto you, Be not afraid nor dismayed by reason of this great multitude; for the battle is not yours, but G-d's. (2 Chronicles. 20:15)


I have to share it with you, with my whole heart! I cannot stop prophesying about the glorious things of God in His place!  It is the place where He will fight your battles and will give you victory! It is a “key” that God has given to us! "I really want to take you by your hand and guide you into this place". Open your heart; break up your fallow ground (Hosea 10:12) and just as the angel of the Lord is calling you with a loud voice:


(Revelation 22:17)

And they sing the song of Moses the servant of G-d, and the song of the Lamb, saying: “Great and marvelous are thy works, L-rd G-d Almighty; just and true are thy ways, thou King of saints. Who shall not fear thee, O L-rd, and glorify thy name? For Thou only art Holy: for all nations shall come and worship before Thee; for Thy judgments are made manifest”. (Revelation 15:3, 4)

Communication throughout images! 


Communicating with G-d in Heaven also goes throughout pictures, or images from out your most innermost being! The L-rd is not limited only by words. There are various ways in which G-d communicate with us. Words are not always so effective as He can do a different & more effective ways, which makes it for us so much more understandable. In Heaven it is "speaking" from heart to heart and is expressed mostly like pictorial!  G-d shows you an actual experience of a certain subject or event, which gives you the experience and understanding as if you went through it by yourself!

The upright (honorable, intrinsically good) man out of the good treasure [stored] in his heart produces what is upright (honorable and intrinsically good), and the evil man out of the evil storehouse brings forth that which is depraved (wicked and intrinsically evil); for out of the abundance (overflow) of the heart his mouth speaks (Luke 6:45)

(Picture source ©  Designed by Judy Kovalik; An assignment by Paul van Beek)


"Worship begins in the heart..." by Jimmie Black


"Worship begins in the heart of each believer, worship must come from our heart to be real worship! As we worship, we draw near to {YHVH} Hashem; Adonai and become more and more like Him. When we unveil our face and heart to Him, then we can be transformed in His presence. Only in His presence can we truly be transformed. Some people believe the preaching of the word is the most important thing, but I believe Worship and the Word are going together. I believe G-d has set a way for us to come to him that prepares our heart for the Word preached, or the audible voice of G-d, and that's through praise and worship. "Enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise, give thanks to him and praise his name." (Psalms 100: 4) I (Jimmie) didn't write that, G-d did! You see I believe when we allow praise and worship to take place in our services, it breaks down the walls we have built up from the cares of life. When we truly enter into worship that draws G-d near to us, then we are ready to receive the word that brings life. It's like pouring cold water on a dry and thirsty land--then it produces life" ...Jimmie Black.
Jimmie's website

Listen to Jimmie Black's anointed  Worship song: "We bow down"! Click on the Turning-music note! [

Paul van Beek




THE HEAVENS declare the Glory of God; and the firmament shows and proclaims His handiwork. (Palms 19:1)





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