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Noah's Flood! Catastrophism

Catastrophism such as the Noah's flood has been clearly and consistently associated with Biblical doctrines! The Scriptural Books of Genesis and Job are similarly found to be correct with respect to Earth history! The writings' on the Biblical Flood; this is why it is essential to understand the nature of the Flood, as well as the scope of the effects!

About the author Donald W. Patten 
History of Catastrophism
The flood ... only by excessive rain? 
Interacting gravities of two astronomical bodies...
The nature of the Earth's Ice Epoch!
The Effects of the catastrophe for Earth! 
Ancient threatening astral catastrophes continued to plague mankind!  
The Pre-flood Earthly climatically conditions! 
Gigantism Before the Noah's flood!  
YHVH's Covenant of preservation to Noah! 
The Flood of Noah Chapter 1 - W. Patten
In these last days; like in the days of Noah 
Enoch and the pre-flood generation...
Noah and the After-flood generation...

Priest of  God-King of Salem

From Adam to Noah
Messianic line
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What kind of rule does the Moon over Planet Earth!
The Person of G-D
The Person of G-D
Illustrated Creation Model
Carl Edward Baugh

Founder and Director of Creation Evidence Museum, Glen Rose, Texas
Scientific Research Director for world’s first Hyperbaric Biosphere

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Noah Actual Ark-Site
Ararat Area

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