About Mike Bennett.

A clip of a recording of the Shofar blowing is coming very soon on this page!

If we don't sound the alarm, with blowing the Shofar,  who will? Mike will blow the Shofar  for to release the heavenly sounds from God's Shekinah presence! Because the sound of music in any kind or form like the Shofar, were originally created as a powerful spiritual force in the form of sound! Mike has a tremendous anointed talent to blow the Shofars and many other horns (Except of a cow!) with such a power and a awesome voice. You will get trilled! I personally, Paul van Beek, had experience this. I never heard the sound of a Shofar so beautiful!

Very soon we will receive from Mike's blowing his Shofar at Christian Retreat! We will put this awesome "voice of God" in audio. So you will be able to hear this from this web-site very soon.

You can reach Mike at: Shofarman@Frontiernet.net (No web-site available!)


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