The Shofar-sounds tuned in with the sounds of
G-D's Shekinah presence!

We will blow the Shofar only for to release the heavenly sounds from G-d's Shekinah presence! Because the sound of music in any kind or form like the Shofar, were originally created as a powerful spiritual force in the form of a sound of repentance; to come back and to restore the worship of Yahweh (the Heavenly Father) around His Divine Throne and have the power to move men's hearts. In this case to release a sound for worship, repentance, gathering or open the gates of Heaven! Good sounds of the Shofar is a form of music-sounds that only belongs to G-d! Depending on our personal motivation to blow the Shofar in obedience to G-D will  release the sounds that is causing to move the very heart of G-d! Because it is being a well-pleasing sound from His Throne of G-d Himself, it will also release His Shekinah presence! By using it wrongly it will create pride & self-center attitude, which is evil or self idol worship! (Isaiah 1:10, 18)
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It's is in G-dís will to share with those people, with hearts of devotion only for Him, who are prepared to handle responsibility over the Shofar as a powerful tool! Sounds in the form of music as the Shofar-blows are also a form of expression and language, in the view of the Gospel, to reach, touch and bless Christians or people who still live worldly! It causes them to repent of their sins and will bring them to salvation, so that they become new born Christians! We can choose to align our Shofar-sounds with the sounds of Heaven! The blowing of the Shofar or more Shofars together with their specific sounds are spiritual, and a powerful media for communication. The Churches have to discern the voice and will of G-d and must learn to use the blow of the Shofar in this form of communication skillfully!

There is a place where Ever-changing Heavenly musical melodies in endless scales of indescribable beauty are like a Spontaneous Well of Living Waters gushing forth from His Throne that will flow for your refreshment! There are just a few people who impact the inner-most chamber of the heart of mankind, and they are individuals who understand worship in a most intimate and non-self-serving way!

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