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Testimony from Jail or Prison!

These testimonies are coming from precious people of G-d from Jail or prison. They have devoted their life to the L-rd Jesus Christ {Yeshua} and take this very serious. Their testimonies are a warning for the nowadays young generation that live a life not with G-d. Their story is their own life story and how G-d has change their life! Their testimony is to help others in their struggle in life and that G-d only is the redeemer of this world. Without G-d life is useless and purposeless! With G-d life will have a purpose and will give hope! Their mistakes and failures in their life's are now living examples for this young generation today! What kind of life you want to live? What place you want to fulfill in this society? The choice is yours!

It is possible to contact these people, but for security reasons you have to go through the Ministry to write them. It is up to the person of this testimony to give their response! Their names are as initials to protect their identity! God's Outreach Ministry Int. Inc.  do have permission to place their testimony!

1. The purpose of these testimonies is to encourage people outside jail  and prison to take life with G-d serious and what the consequences are when you brake the law! You will maybe end in jail or in prison for long time!

2. The purpose of these testimonies is to encourage people Inside jail  and prison, that their is still hope and that G-d can change your life as well!

As the drawing picture on the left, you need to be set free from the "shackles"! Only G-d can do this!


How are you doing? Me, I am very blessed in Christ Jesus. I am 18 years old and I found the Lord when I was 17 years old, but I backslide when I was 12. My older and younger brother use to pick on me so bad I thought I had to prove I was worse than they were so they can leave me alone. My older brother when I was 12 he was 14 years old he was with his friends and when he seen me he told me to take a sip of what he was drinking I know it was alcohol, so I said No! He told me he  aint want me to tell my mom on him so if I took a sip I couldn't tell. I told him I wouldn't, but he wanted to make sure so he said he'll keep punching me until I took a sip and after that everything went 'down-hill'! I kept drinking and started smoking.

Than I found out my mom had cancer and when I herd that I didn't care about my life any more. When I was 15 I joined a community-gang and started selling and doing drugs. My mother moved to Florida while I stood in Pennsylvania with my dad. I started running away and started to get in fights and shoots-outs. I thank God I never got shot or never shot anyone. There was so many time where I could have died off drugs, drinking, and people looking for me.

My older and younger brother were telling me to calm down, that I was acting up. So I move down here to Florida and meet up with the wrong people get caught for burgerly. They tried to give me 51 years for burgerly I never knew about. I was now 17 years old at this time, so they put me in the Juvenile Detention Center, but I broke down when I herd that 51 years and it was a week before my 18-th birthday. I was scared I would never see my family again. I didn't know what was going on. When I felt like I was all the way at the bottom I looked up and prayed to God and gave my life back over to Him and gave Him my past. He made me 'new' now. I'm no longer that kid; I am changed, but God delivered me from the 51 years and gave me 10 months and 3 years probation.

I'm sitting in Jail to learn what's its like and it aint fun! They don't feed you enough and your freedom is gone! It's cold and dirty and the people look crazy I never wanna come back again, but I thank God he moved me out my past into a better future.

M. R.

This testimony comes from Polk County Jail

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