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Testimony from Jail or Prison!

These testimonies are coming from precious people of G-d from Jail or prison. They have devoted their life to the L-rd Jesus Christ and take this very serious. Their testimony is a warning for the nowadays young generation that  live a life not  with  G-d. Their story is their own life story and how G-d has change their life! Their testimony is to help others in their struggle in life and that God only is the redeemer of this world. Without God life is useless and purposeless! With G-d life will have a purpose and will give hope! Their mistakes and failures in their life's are now living examples for this young generation today! What kind of life you want to live? What place you want to fulfill in this society? The choice is yours!

It is possible to contact these people, but for security reasons you have to go through the Ministry to write them. It is up to the person of this testimony to give their response! Their names are as initials to protect their identity! God's Outreach Ministry Int. Inc.  has permission to place their testimony!

1. The purpose of these testimonies is to encourage people outside jail  and prison to take life with G-d serious and what the consequences are when you brake the law! You will maybe end in jail or in prison for long time!

2. The purpose of these testimonies is to encourage people Inside jail  and prison, that their is still hope and that G-d can change your life as well!

As the drawing picture on the left, you need to be set free from the "shackles"! Only G-d can do this!

This testimony comes from Polk County Jail; Bartow

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