The challenges...

Skillfully executed the most diverse graphic requirements!
Graphic Design   &   Web Design
Struggling with the challenges & potential dangers of introducing new opportunity improvements
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The total reliance that Companies; Large Churches and/or Ministries have on information systems and infrastructure left many of them struggling with the challenges and potential dangers of introducing new opportunity improvement technologies everything concerning Web presentation in combination with graphic art designs on many areas! To help Churches and Ministries meet these challenges, I have created a Strategic Information procedure, based on my experience that guides your Church or Ministry executives through the issues to help meet these challenges and insure that choices avert threats to their Strategic Web File Store and management! Utilizing an innovative system for optimization Web-site's development. This is what I called “company wisdom” or “Wise Stewardship”! Structural files of your organizations; Conferences; certain meetings, etc...! Whether it is online or in files! It will avoid the many issues that will normally confront you!
Are your web Files under wise responsible stewardship?

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Biography  Graphic work in West- Europe
by Paulus van Beek  for 17 years!

Biography Shortly

Paul is a Graphic Designer. For more than 19 years in West-Europe, he has skillfully executed the most diverse graphic requirements in the "European Traditional Hand-painting Designs" + hand-writing calligraphy; specifically for business, community and Government agencies. His work has also proven to be an invaluable commercial service at trade fairs and exhibitions. Firmly grounded on his years of experiences, activities and reputation, in this field. In cooperation with  other companies also produces “Chronicles”. These are large panels, the size of a door, with the presentation (of your company), written in calligraphic handwriting and painted in water-colors on a sort of parchment paper; fully framed, specifically for the business community.

Photographic & Graphic Designing 

Taking & editing pictures (digital) wherever needed from your Ministry or Church supplied materials. It’s your choice! You will see and approve the Graphic Designs; (before the artists Edit and/of paint)! Your input and your opinion are essential! This is what I call real “cooperation”!

Your text proposition

Your text layout needs your approval, before going to final. Whether it is hand calligraphic scripting or modern methods! This for every work will create! I need to set up files for each subject with a specific name referring to the future web-page!

Watercolors & Illustrations

If required, illustrations could be skillfully painted by artists in the form of aquarelles. These illustrations can be put in a digital photo system and editing to the right and very precisely way to fit in the site! (On pixels size!)

Important points to discuss..."Web-site”!

How long will your Church or Ministry going around with just people and without (Godly) results online? I AM NOT GOING TO TELL HOW GOOD I AM OR SELLING YOU SOMETHING'S! But I would like to offer you something's and give you professional help to your church or Ministry! YES, it will cost you money! YES; Professional website's are very expensive! NO, I am not out of your money! I am simply work for it and it will be a great blessing for the Ministries I am standing for and also for support of my own family! So you will in the same way have a good Web-site as putting seed in good solid ground! Concerning your Church or Ministry Website important points to discuss in which I am able to give you professional assistance with:

1. Good advice! (Concerning Web-Presentation)
2. Look at these website's and see for yourself the examples of many years of designed and devoted work for God!
3. Temporary involvement into ALL activities of your Church is necessary for a good Web-site!
5. New web official cost normally a lot of money!!! But than what? Who is taking care to have it update? This is a major problem for the most Churches/Ministries!  I am prepared to give accurate training to your people!
6. You need
Anointed Christians with a devoted heart for God to create something's, not just business & NEXT........!
7. You maybe need to intercede for it, because you not only represent your Church/ Ministry, but also
God's Kingdom!

Picture Background on the right column is an example
of a design of a biblical fact and text!


I am a Christian,
can we pray
over this!?

let's pray over this and let your Church or Ministry deal with this final with devoted Christ minded people! I offer myself to give you good start, educate and train your people and all what is necessary! But only when God is in charge! I don't like to make web-site's for every one! If you understand the message?! Yes, I am a Graphic designer and website designer as well! But in the first place God send me to Florida to preach the Gospel of Yeshua, the Messiah, or Jesus the Christ!
Picture on the background:

And the sun stood still, and the moon stayed (Joshua 10:13)
  Then spake Joshua to the Lord in the day when the Lord delivered up the Amorites before the children of Israel, and he said in the sight of Israel, Sun, stand thou still upon Gibeon; and thou, Moon, in the valley of Ajalon. (Joshua 10:12)  It was over the valley that Joshua saw the moon rising as the sun was setting over Gibeon. He commanded both to stay where they were, and God listened to him (Joshua 10:14). And the sun stood still, and the moon stayed (Joshua 10:13)  




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