Biography & Introduction of
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Preparing for the End Time Harvest Revival!

Paul van Beek is the founder of God's Outreach Ministry Int. Inc., which include also the Prophet Office; Stream from Heaven; &  End-Time-Harvest-Revival! (which replaced Revival Lakeland) The Noah facts; pre-post-flood generations....

Paul is devoted to release the prophetic End-Time-Message of encouragement, repentance, warnings and End Time Harvest Revival to the lost souls throughout numerous foreign countries in a time as it was in the says of Noah before the  flood-Catastrophism! As a recognized licensed minister, with authority to preach the Gospel of Messiah Yeshua, {Jesus Christ}, he has established the Ministry-base in the Lakeland-area; Florida; USA. ...It is his answer to the call of G-d. (See also: My personal testimony 1-2-3)


Geography, Archeology, Ancient-history;  Jewish Roots & Inheritance; and Science


This ministry; "God's Outreach Ministry Int. Inc."; Scientifically - Archeology - Teaching’s web-page's throughout several major web-site's, with many of Scriptural Scientifically studies is always freely available for everyone! It is written in various fields of geography, archeology, ancient-history;  Jewish Roots & Inheritance; and science in the so many web-pages!
To create these many teaching’s/ scientifically web-page’s with all the detailed information and in the prophetic-time-cycles - visions will cost a lot of 'Earthly time! This ministry with the
Prophetic visions web-page's, and with many Scriptural/Biblical study-notes are always freely available for everyone! Especially the End-Time-Harvest-Revival! As such, these many detailed teaching’s site’s cost a lot of precious (study) time and financial commitment for the author (&  publishing as well!) Every detailed study, that takes you only a shorter time to read & study, and to view the illustrations according the study-subject, has take many hours; days, weeks and even months; of devoted work to write, to edit, to design, to format and technically make available & maintain on these Ministries-web-sites.
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Involving Paul's actively shortly...


Paul is having strong connection with Messianic movements world-wide! (There he believe he has Jewish roots from his ancestors like the Huguenots from West-Europe! His great-grand-mother was even "wanted" by the Nazis during WW-II)

Operating mostly in the Office of the Prophet Paul will not have rest until he has to release G-d's prophetic End-Time-Messages! Even Paul often have to risk his "position" as minister to be rejected or accepted! Part of the reason is that even his life is such a dangerous one because people will not always believe or accept the message he have to release as a Prophet! Especially when Paul have to predict bad future events for a specific Nation and Church people (suppose to be G-d's people!?) in that same Nation! The fact that what Paul have to predict, in G-d's terms and timing it aloud helped make it happen! Paul is pointing sinners (including Christians) to salvation and deep repentance and motivate them to exercise their authority over the enemy by realizing their position & (hope-deferred; Proverbs 13:12) situation involved and becoming 'converted' with Divine hope & faith (again, when back-sliding) in Yeshua Messiah (See also for more at: "Prophecies" & Prophet Office")

G-d has involved Paul by raising up to be a prophetic End-Time voice to the Universal "Body" of Yeshua, whether in the Office as a Prophet or such as in the area's of praise, prayer, spiritual warfare, dance, and expressive worship.  Using the "Arts" for spiritual warfare and to enhance worship. It is is total different from most other traditional dance & worship expression in in praise, worship & dance with using flags, banners, and silks, visually displaying G-d's Shekinah Glory in all kind of specific colors, referring to a specific subject and His purpose within a worship service!  It is using the “Arts´ for Spiritual warfare and prophetically enhancing praise & worship! You need to have spiritual insight to understand what they Prophetically expressing in the Heavenly realms! It is also including a vision is to make it understandable and returning to the Jewish roots of the Christian faith!  Exploring the Jewish origins of the Scriptures & teach how to study this from Hebraic perspective!


Also Paul was involved in the Staff-organization with Holy of Holies Ministry, the Ministry of Dr. Stan Kmet; (Tallahassee; FL)  involved  of the St Petersburg; Florida; Radical Worship Conference. 

Below this site you will read "G-d’s desire – Our original destination & call!"; that we share both! Including the teaching's about 'our' Jewish Biblical roots!


Place of Birth


Paul van Beek is born in 1959 at Heerlen, from origin a Roman City (Corriovallum), the very south of the Netherlands of West-Europe! This is about 15 miles East of another City that was built by the Romans: Maastricht, and is very close to the borders of Belgium and Germany. (Vaals; Three-Point-Border-section; Drie Landen Punt) For over more than 21 years, Paul & Connie (who is from Belgium) lived (with their son, Jonathan born in 1991), in Genk, Belgium.  (About 60 miles east from the Capital of West-Europe: Brussels) (Picture left: View of the County Limburg; Right: Church; Heerlen; which is a very old building)

At the age of 14 years Paul became a new born Christian. Since that time G-d never stopped teaching Paul about the principles of His Kingdom. Paul has always carried a strong burden for the ministry and is called to the office of a prophet and evangelist. After a long period of education in the Word of G-d in their church in Belgium, they went out to the nations to fulfill their destiny.
 (Picture right: View of Limburg; Maastricht; ; St. Servaas-bridge Anno 1293)


Fulfilling his calling...


Paul has to fulfill his calling as a End-Time-Prophetic-Preacher & Evangelist, and to operate basically in the Office of a prophet & Evangelist, but also to teach the believers about intensive worship (See below: G-d’s desire – Our original destination & call!) (See also at: Streams from Heaven), to the Churches, to the lost souls, and in several foreign countries. He went out, together with his family, to the desperate & hungry hearts, to the broken lives, to the thirsty souls, and so many more. Their answer was & still is: "YES" to the call of G-d, to became worthily to be "chosen" in spite of all kind of resistance!

Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. (Mark 16:15; Acts 1:8; John 21:15-17; Matthew 28-19,20; Luke 24:46,47)
My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. (Hosea 4:6)
Who maketh his angels spirits, his ministers a
flaming fire! (Psalms 104:4; Hebrews 1:7)


Discernment & Recognition...


As a dynamic recognized prophet & evangelist, anointed by G-d, Paul is called to Minister G-d's {YHVH} END-TIME-MESSAGE of the call for salvation through Yeshua Messiah to the world. Having been in this ministry since 1997, Paul's primary goal is to spread the Gospel. His anointed prophetically sermons point sinners to salvation and deep repentance and motivate Christians to exercise their authority over the enemy by realizing their position in Yeshua/Christ. Paul believes that Christianity is not just something you experience on Sunday-morning; it is a daily fellowship with the L-rd Jesus Christ / Yeshua Messiah! Through anointed Prophetic & Biblical teaching's; based from the Hebrew roots, Paul is bringing G-d's message of hope and encourage to this end-time generation. A straight message that cuts through all denominational barriers and transcends human hypocrisy and frailty, traditions & religion and reaches the heart of mankind! It happened often that Paul point prophetically to people who are, through the eyes of G-d, able to do the work of the Kingdom of YHVH. So far as known, very precise in what, how and which kind of function and anointing! He will be alert, when G-d points out people; ONLY by the guidance of the Holy Spirit {Roach HaKodesh}! It is of essential importance to have the ability to hear, discern &  obey the voice of the Holy Spirit!


G-d's Word as final authority!


.....For the Word that G-d speaks is alive and full of power [making it active, operative, energizing, and effective]; it is sharper than any two-edged sword, penetrating to the dividing line of the breath of life (soul) and [the immortal] spirit, and of joints and marrow [of the deepest parts of our nature], exposing {and} sifting {and} analyzing {and} judging the very thoughts and purposes of the heart. (Hebrews 4:12; Amplified)
....For with G-d nothing shall be impossible (Luke 1:37)
The Word of G-d is the Light of G-d in a dark world. (1 John 1:1-5; Psalms 119:105)
But you shall receive power (ability, efficiency, and might) when the
Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you shall be My witnesses in Jerusalem and all Judea and Samaria and to the ends (the very bounds) of the earth.
(Acts 1:8 Amplified).

Paul takes G-d's Word as final authority. Since 1997 the L-rd has called him to preach the uncompromised Word of G-d in every available place, proclaiming the truth of G-d's Word and His unconditional love has been the focus and mission of God's Outreach Ministry Int. Paul has ministered to over thousands of people in many services in several foreign nations inclusive the United States. He clearly understands how serious it is to guard the anointing of the L-rd during preparation for and during these meetings for ministry! Also throughout his advance web-sites he is reaching over more than 12,000.000 online visitors on a yearly base! During the "Healing Outpouring Lakeland 2008" his web-site's, specific "Revival Lakeland" has received more than 60,000.000 online visitors in a period of 4-5 months! "Revival Lakeland" was a few years before the "Healing Outpouring" was a initiative of Paul to to have intercessions for a revival in Lakeland! The Name: "Revival-Lakeland" is replaced by End-Time-Harvest-Revival!


If you knew the L-rd Yeshua Messiah  was returning tomorrow, what would you do...?


Be ready for a new & last outpouring of G-d's love. A very specific outpouring of His Divine END TIME  anointing! Again it will affect the whole world by the millions! It is  G-d's move only! It will not be about "the big men-show", for G-d ONLY in charge! Still, if people, supposing & claiming to be "His" servants, trying to control it, in order to take the glory for themselves, G-d, Himself will take it (and them)  away {from them}! We are living in the very END of the END TIME. The L-rd Yeshua Messiah is returning, whether you believe it or not!. There is only a short time left! For those who are carrying the "Mantle of humility"; being righteous un-compromising victorious {over-comers} saints; they only are belonging in the  Divine End-Time-Army of G-d!


Would your daily life-style change? Would your priorities rearrange themselves? Are your sins you would be eager to confess? Changes you would make? People you would want to warn? Get your heart right with G-d ... "L-rd Yeshua!" Are you willing to challenge yourself in areas you would want to change if Yeshua/ Christ were returning in the next coming days? Are you? Are you really making action-plans to prepare yourself for the assembly of the "righteous  & uncompromising saints" and to meet Yeshua? If you knew the L-rd Yeshua Messiah  was returning tomorrow, what would you do; are you prepared and ready?

About the Office of the Prophet...shortly

If Daniel a great Prophet was commanded... 


If Daniel a great Prophet was commanded to understand the vision and consider it, then we are to do likewise! G-d's secrets are revealed to His servants the prophets to hear His counsel to cause people to hear His words, so that they shall  turn themselves from their evil way, and from the evil of their doings! 


Surely the L-rd G-d will do nothing, but he revealed his secret unto His servants the prophets! (Amos 3:7) The mystery of G-d should be finished, as He hath declared to His servants the prophets! Many in the nowadays Churches are releasing a "cheap Gospel", that will require not a real radical change in your life! You can get 'saved' (?) at the altar-call, but never give up your old life style? ...Therefore if any person is [in-grafted] in Christ (the Messiah -{Yeshua}) he is a new creation (a new creature altogether); the old [previous moral and spiritual condition] has passed away. Behold, the fresh {and} new has come! (2 Corinthians 5:17; Amplified _

Right in the way & contradict the message of the Prophet...

A common prayer of salvation and becoming just a member of the church!
Naturally the warnings & corrections seemed unpatriotic to the leaders of the so many Churches and Ministries and stand right in the way and contradict the message and the Prophet's positive influence! They are complaining still to receive a straight radical message of the L-rd; they can be changed by the power of G-d. But ...they still want to sleep further?! . Many will reject and neglect even angrily the Prophet's message! They are and still despising the Prophets which are sent unto the Body of Yeshua!

The irrelevancy in nowadays church..

There is a lot of confusion & miss-understanding about the
Office of the Prophet! Therefore we hope and trust to clear up issue's through this web site about the real character of the Prophet! Much of the irrelevancy in the nowadays church is a result of misguided and neglected gifts that ultimately create a class of behavior that misrepresents and prejudges with superficiality & religiosity  the true Christianity!


Paul has proven his love, commitment, and understanding of the ministry of the prophet by self-sacrifice and his own personal experience as a gifted prophetic voice! Remarkable is that he is a voice 'crying out of the wilderness' the prophetic expression through his fair and balanced web-site of the Prophet Office, thereby giving an opportunity to many people to hear & read the secrets& mysteries of G-d fresh from Heaven. Prophecy is an exegesis of existence from a Divine perspective and can only be expounded by a person who has the heart to not only listen, but hear what G-d is saying through His chosen vessels! (Amos 3:7)


Truth sometimes hurts!


Truth sometimes hurts! When it does we are tempted to want good news, even in spite off, it is not true. This is even foolish for ourselves! Just as today, times were filled with trouble. Just as today will feel the treat of "modern terrorism, natural disasters, etc. living under a dark cloud  people are anxious for good news. False humility and false messengers will smoothly tell you that all is still OK! Giving you the good news maybe you wanted so much! Foolish! For the largest part Christianity in this nation is foolish enough to do the same! Including those who come with their well-pleasing compromising message to impress predicting peace and good times! It not only what the people want to hear, it is also what they ("want to") believe! ...Foolsish!

I want to continue to be loyal and bold to the L-rd...only and telling a un-
compromising message strait from Him...only! That people, especially Church people are finding themselves in a unhappy situation, responding with despise, neglect and rejection,......I can deal with that! This occur when people wants only "good news" so much that they are willing to reject truth to get it! Comforting themselves, but it is foolish yourself! Truth may be good or bad news! We must learn to accept the truth, in spite of bad news, if we will expect long-range G-dly prosperity and protection in our lives! We need to have the Divine Wisdom and discernment to reject  supposal "good news", for the truth alone has to come only from G-d!

Obviously pride and presumptuous lifestyles are not in order with G-d! Because of the wickedness also into this nation of America "people of G-d" or what they proclaim to be in America refuse to listen to Him, instead of their own prestige and desires, they shall become useless, like this rotting loincloth! (Jeremiah 13:6-11) Many of them were once real G-D's own people, who honored His Holy Name and brought Glory to Him, but now they are refusing to listen to His voice, His messengers...His prophets ...and become stiff-necked, prideful and presumptuous! It is important, as prophets, to release a serious sign of warning to remind them today of coming disasters that will come to pass, as a response of sowing, and sowing and sowing the seeds of evil! (See more at site: Awake America!


It continues to be Paul's privilege to preach the the message of YHVH at every available possibility...


Over the years, Paul has delivered many Scriptural-based Prophetic teachings about faith, love, healing, redemption, righteousness, the call & destiny of G-d over your life, the anointing and the principles of G-d's Kingdom. In order to bring as many people as possible the great news that Yeshua, Is L-rd! It continues to be Paul's privilege to preach the message of YHVH at every available possibility, such as local meetings, at conferences,  through the Internet Ministries web-site's, and in the near future on You-tube/television broadcasting. This vision is also being accomplished through the ministry efforts of God's Outreach Ministry Int. Inc. on a worldwide scale. It is committed to keeping the Word of G-d before your eyes, so that you become rooted and grounded enough to overcome your own adversity, reach out to others and share those same principles of G-d's Mighty Kingdom. As an International Ministry Paul has endeavored to bring believers from the milk to the meat of the Word, and into full maturity in their walk with G-d. (Hebrews 5:12, 13, 14)

We are called to build an army of mature righteous uncompromising believers. From religion to reality! Also to train them to become skillful and armed with the whole End Time Divine Armor of G-d, in the Word of righteousness, to stand firm in the spiritual warfare against the kingdom of darkness! (Ephesians 6:10-18;Hosea 4:6)
The L-rd by wisdom hath founded the earth; by understanding hath he established the Heavens. (Proverbs 3:19)


Paul's decision was firm...


Paul's decision was firm. He vowed to the L-rd never to teach or write one thing that He could not prove with plain Scriptures. (In these web-site's, in his books or somewhere else!) Any interpretation which is out in harmony with what is plainly written in the Scriptures must be rejected as a theory of mankind! He also have learned that one must either believe what the Scriptures alone teach or spend his/her life wrestling with the confusing and varied interpretations, man-pleasing, and perplexing arrays of the doctrines of mankind. (Galatians 1:6-10)


He had chosen to serve the Almighty G-d; {YHVH;  Elohim;  אלהים } the rest of my life and do His perfect will, whatever it may be. (See for more on the sites of: Personal Testimony) He is having the witness of the Holy Spirit with his own spirit that he is a child of G-d! The Blood of Yeshua, the Messiah; {Jesus the "Christ"} has cleansed him from all un-righteousness. He was baptized in water {Mikvah} as an outward symbol for choosing for G-d to this world and of an inward work of Messiah Yeshua in his life! Paul is more and more hungry & thirsty for G-d and he is still crying out & desiring for a more closer intimate personal walk with G-d. Paul is still hearkening to His Divine voice and desire to be filled abundantly with His Holy Spirit. (See also on this site: Faith Statement)


Transformational change through
devotional behavioral commitment!


It is not about “playing” church! Transformational change will come forth through devotional behavioral commitment! (James 2:7) The way the L-rd judged the seriousness of your commitment is to expect you to leave your “old life style ...Therefore if any man be in Christ {Yeshua}, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold all things are become new! (2 Corinthians 5:17) behind and follow & obey Him……immediately! Real Christian behavioral change can be demonstrated that G-d wants you to sacrifice such as:

      Giving up your fleshly desires that G-d want to remove out of your life! (2 Corinthians 5:17)
      Participating in prayer/intercession meetings and/or worship/teaching’s meetings of your local Church!
      Progressively increasing commitment to; solving the ‘problem’!
      Willing full studying the Scriptures also in the light of the culture & times in which they were written!
      Sacrificial preparedness to worship G-d in Spirit & Truth!
      To walk & live your daily life for Yeshua Messiah (Jesus) your Savior & L-rd!  


Compromise leads to deceit...

We live in a day of compromise. Many change their 'beliefs' based on whether it might be acceptable for the particular audience they are speaking to. However, G-d's character never changes. He is a G-d of absolutes. Politicians often change their position based on the political risk. Compromise will always lead to deceit in a life and will lead to a leanness in your soul. You will lose confidence in the spiritual part of your life as you begin to compromise your integrity. G-d is looking for your integrity. Ultimately, compromise sabotages the heart's good intentions and turns us into a spiritual hypocrite!


Jewish heritage;  founding the richness of “new” understanding in the Scriptures!


Having a more intensive serious study to our Jewish heritage for ourselves, we found a richness of “new” understanding in the Scriptures! In the past our ignorance of Jewish customs & heritage kept us from understanding certain important things from the Scriptures that would have been clear to any of the people to whom the Scriptures were written. G-d is still today showing us in His Word an inheritance of many blessings, promises and covenants that the “New Testament Church” has for various reason lost over the Centuries. Remember the whole Scripture from Genesis to Revelation has been written by inspiration of the Holy Spirit {Roach HaKodesh}; and they were all Jewish! I cannot deny to declare even your bible is Jewish!        (Especially during the reign of a Roman ‘Christian’ ruler; Constantinople)

G-d’s desire – Our original destination & call!


Carrying with us our passion for G-d through praise, worship and intercession will be the heartbeat! We need to realize that intercession mingled with intensive worship is the thing that will motivate the very Heart of G-d to send His Shekinah Anointing; breaking the yoke upon His people! Seeing that G-d’s Heart is reaching out His anointing in response through the deep seated worship issuing forth from repentant hearts, something that the Body of Christ/Yeshua desperately needed to experience!


In the most Churches today you will experience a more “Outer Court praise/worship”  in the form of praise performance, which is more related to “entertainment” shortly than that G-d Himself can deliver us His blessings through it! It has its roots in the Old Testament {Old Covenant}! G-d is giving the remnant of men & women the opportunity to seek and worship Him in Spirit and in Truth!


One of the goals is Radical Worship is the willingness to be listeners for the voice of the L-rd and planning strategies. Desire that the Revival will make great differences in the lives of many souls winning them for the Kingdom of YVHV!


The musicians, singers, Intercessors and worshippers of Adonai, Elohim,  אלהים YHVH have always been G-d’s means of preparing the way for the coming of the Heavenly Host! Primarily because pure worship arises from the heart felt cries of repentant souls wanting nothing more than to rest within their Father’s Loving Embrace!




His Shekinah Glory came down onto the Mercy Seat to show His approval

Expressions of our adorations of the L-rd will include praise & worship through the instruments, the voice, the dance, and processionals that have been breathed forth by the Holy Spirit to become a sweet smelling aroma in the nostrils of G-d! Being a priest unto Him!
(Psalm 150)

is constantly in search for those who will worship Him in Holiness, in Spirit and in truth to serve Him as dwelling places in which His Glory can reside! When worshippers, intercessors, and prayer warriors meet in one accord to unashamedly abandon their all in full pursuit of G-d’s Shekinah Presence, the Covering that arises will be simply astounding: The Shekinah Glory – Cloud will come forth out of this! Just as His Shekinah Glory came down onto the Mercy Seat to show His approval over the offered sacrifice; so also will G-d pour out His Glory to show His approval of those seeking believers who offer a sweet smelling sacrifice of praise & worship! 


If Paul have inspired you!?


If Paul have inspired you to study G-d's tremendous Word with an open mind, and if he have influenced you to take the Scriptures literally; and if Paul's testimonies has made you hungry and thirsty for G-d, His Word and His anointing, than Paul had accomplished the purpose he had in mind: That is to be a blessing and encouragement to your personal life!

Paul is also a Graphic Web Art Designer


Paul is a Graphic Designer. For more than 19 years in West-Europe, (Belgium; the Netherlands; Luxembourg; United Kingdom) he has skillfully executed the most diverse graphic requirements in the "European Traditional Hand-painting Designs" specifically for business, community and Government agencies. His work has also proven to be an invaluable commercial service at trade fairs and exhibitions. Firmly grounded on his years of experiences, activities and reputation, in this field. In cooperation with  other companies also produces “Chronicles”. These are large panels, the size of a door, with the presentation (of your Ministry/company), written in calligraphic handwriting and painted in water-colors on a sort of parchment paper; fully framed, specifically for the business community. ALL these ministry web-pages are designed by Paul himself.  Paul van Beek
This is for to support his family and this ministries See also at: Graphic Design For his work at: Handy-Craft-man-Paul

Thousand's of Biblical pictures & Designs in store!
"Web-site's; Power-point presentations; paperwork; etc...”
Illustration: David's battle against the giant "Goliath"


Paul has created thousands of Biblical pictures & Designs and stored it in many files! Online on the Ministry site's there are already more than 10,000 pictures, designs, logo's, icons, active! All of them are designed with very precisely measure. (See for more at: Graphic Design)


Teakwood Outdoor Furniture - Restoration


Restoration  Paul as handy craftsman, has the ability to restore and being creative to change your outside teak wood or oak furniture into a new state. With the years of experience also in the antique Furniture world in West Europe, Paul is able to perform an excellent work! This is for to support his family and this ministries.
See for more at Teakwood Outdoor restoration





A faith-call from the L-rd...


I also had wrote my personal testimonies about G-d's moving me to the other side of the world!

God's Outreach Ministry Int. Inc. was a faith-call from the L-rd many years ago. In 2001 his family took a great step in faith, and moved from Belgium " to Lakeland; Florida. The beginning of a new season in another nation, for devoting and scarifies their lives into the leadership of a Ministry; rose up by G-d's grace only!


It is Paul's deep prevailing prayer that also through the Web-site's, of God's Outreach Ministry Int.





Also through his books, Paul will teach, instruct, encourage, bless, and anoint you!


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