Poem's available from Paul 's younger years!  
These Poem's are translated from the Dutch language! into  the English Language!
Original Poem's were written in the Dutch language! (1980 - 1988)

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The storm in my life!      ...ready!
Peace...!   ...in process!
My enemy - my Friend (I)  
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Prayer  (Author unknown!)
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The beam and  Splinter! (Luke 6:41-42)    
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My enemy - My Friend!
Poem by  Paul van Beek
©    ...1981

War, sorrow, pain;

ill, destruction, power,

revolution, strikes, murder,

crime, gossip, dead...


Is there any hope?

Is there any real peace?

Is there really happiness?

Is there really no purpose?



Is there still a real “friend” ?

a friend who fight for your behalf!

a friend who prays for you!

a friend who is watching over you?

a friend in which you have confident in;

a friend who supports you!

Is there still such a friend?



I am the “good shepherd”; * 1

I know My 'sheep'

and they know Me!

as I know the the “Heavenly Father”

He will know me;

I give My life for the sheep!


The answer is " YES "!

There is a Faithful Friend!

That friend is Jesus / Yeshua!

He is the Good Shepherd!

... And we are His "sheep"!



(1 Thessalonians 5:24) Faithful is He Who is calling you [to Himself] {and} utterly trustworthy, and He will also do it [fulfill His call by hallowing and keeping you].

  Paul van Beek ©    ...1981 - Poem    


Scriptural references…

*1 (John 10:11) I am the Good Shepherd. The Good Shepherd risks {and} lays down His [own] life for the sheep.

*2 (John 10:14, 15) I am the Good Shepherd; and I know {and} recognize My own, and My own know {and} recognize Me-- Even as [truly as] the Father {YHVH} knows Me and I also know the Father--and I am giving My [very own] life {and} laying it down on behalf of the sheep.



This page of “Poems from Paul's younger Years - "My enemy - My Friend is edited  by:
Paulus van Beek
@ Copyrights reserved
These poem maybe used for Christian lecture as purpose to encourage & edify saints after permission of the author! Please respect the author's rights! ; Thank you!



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