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Revealing Jewish roots & power!
Translated by: William (Bill) Morford
To understand the Scripture from the original Hebrew & Greek Roots


A greater understanding of and appreciation of  the Jewish Roots of Christianity...
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Progress with the One New Man Bible
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A greater understanding of and appreciation of
the Jewish Roots of Christianity...

The One New Man Bible brings a greater understanding of and appreciation for the power given to believers for their daily walk. The Jewish Roots of Christianity come to life in The One New Man Bible. Hebrew is a very expressive language, so this translation brings out much of the power that has commonly been omitted from traditional English translations.

The One New Man Bible will help the Church understand and appreciate its Jewish Roots, and finally recognize that Y’shua (Jesus) was born Jewish, that He grew up Jewish, and that He is the same today as He was then. (Hebrews 13:8) Readers will understand that the Scriptures Y’shua, and every New Testament author, embraced (irreverently called Old Testament by the Church) are alive and relevant for believers today. As a proof of G-d’s perfect plan for His perfect Word, readers will discover that Matthew flows, as if a continuous stream, out of the book of Chronicles. Only G-d could have done this!

The One New Man Bible has been written to help present day believers move toward G-d’s perfect plan to create One New Man, bringing Jewish and non-Jewish together. The Hebrew Scriptures are in the traditional Jewish book order, and although different from the Christian book order, it is easy to learn the sequence. This Bible is very easy to read through, Genesis to Revelation.

Scripture translated with the power and meaning of the original language intact comes alive! One early surprise is in Genesis 12:1 when G-d does not say “Go” to Abram, but “Get yourself out of here!” Later He tells Moses to order Pharaoh to “Send My people away!” instead of pleading “Let My people go.” These passages are the literal translation from the Hebrew.

The One New Man Bible includes more than 4,000 footnotes and the massive one hundred seventy page Glossary describes various first century Jewish customs and explains Hebrew Scriptures, such as Leviticus 14, which on the surface is about cleansing a leper, but has a much deeper meaning.

Many Jewish sources were studied to bring the Scriptures to life, including many modern as well as ancient Jewish commentaries. Those studies bring real depth to the subjects in the Glossary, but even more importantly they give insight into the thinking of the New Testament authors, the Apostles, and especially Yeshua. It is important for those of us reading in the twenty-first century to understand what a word or expression meant to those who wrote the passages in Bible times.

The Torah, the first five books of the One New Man Bible, is divided into weekly readings over the course of a year. These weekly readings coincide with the weekly Scriptures every synagogue in the world will be reading each Sabbath.

The New Testament of the One New Man Bible was translated into English from the United Bible Society’s Fourth Edition Greek text, which employs Textual Criticism to determine which of the more than five thousand ancient Greek manuscripts of the New Testament were closest to what the authors wrote in the first century.

Some words have been translated differently because the traditional translation conveys something not intended by the author. One of those words is the Greek word Ekklesia, which means a gathering of citizens called out from their homes into some public place. Implicit in Ekklesia is a summoning, so this is not just a collection of people, but people called out to a public meeting for a particular purpose. Ekklesia is commonly translated church, but because of our association of church with both a building and an organization, in this translation, Ekklesia is translated congregation.

The Greek word Nomos has nearly always been translated Law, even when used for the Hebrew word Torah. Torah does not mean Law. It means Teaching. When you see Torah in this translation, do not think Law, but of the Loving G-d teaching His children, offering an outline to guide them for a better way of life.

This translation has as its goal to be a very readable text that flows from one book to another while preserving much of the Jewish flavor, especially the Jewishness of Yeshua, and much of the power in the Hebrew and Greek expressions.

About Rev. William J. Morford...shortly...

Rev. William J. Morford graduated from Hobart College in 1953 and was a member of the 1955 class of the University of Minnesota’s graduate school in hospital administration. Until 1989 Mr. Morford owned and operated a medical administration services company in South Carolina.

He was ordained in August 1988 by Christian International of Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, served on staff as student advisor for Christian International School of Theology and is a Certified Instructor to teach Christian International’s series on the prophetic gifts.

Reverend Morford and his wife, Gwen have traveled to Israel several times and expect their ministry to take them back for extended periods.

He has written three books: The Power New Testament, God’s Rhythm of Life, and This God We Serve and has been just completed a fresh edition of the Bible, The One New Man Bible, released in 2011.

From 1993 through 1999, Reverend Morford studied Hebrew under Rabbi Eliezer Ben-Yehuda, grandson of the Eliezer Ben-Yehuda whose lifetime work made Modern Hebrew the national language of Israel.

About Eliezer Ben‑Yehuda...

Eliezer Ben‑Yehuda (Hebrew: אליעזר בן־יהודה ; 7 January 1858 – 16 December 1922) was a Jewish lexicographer and newspaper editor. He was the driving spirit behind the revival of the Hebrew language in the modern era.

In 1881 Ben-Yehuda immigrated to Palestine, then ruled by the Ottoman Empire, and settled in Jerusalem. He found a job teaching at the Alliance Israelite Universals school Motivated by the surrounding ideals of renovation and rejection of the diaspora lifestyle, Ben‑Yehuda set out to develop a new language that could replace Yiddish and other regional dialects as a means of everyday communication between Jews who made aliyah from various regions of the world. Ben-Yehuda regarded Hebrew and Zionism as symbiotic: "The Hebrew language can live only if we revive the nation and return it to the fatherland," he wrote

Ben-Yehuda was a major figure in the establishment of the Committee of the Hebrew Language (Va'ad HaLashon), later the Academy of the Hebrew Language, an organization that still exists today. He was the author of the first modern Hebrew dictionary and became known as the "reviver" of the Hebrew language, despite opposition to some of the words he coined. Many of these words have become part and parcel of the language but others — some 2,000 words

The core of the Torah (the first five books of the Hebrew Bible), and most of the rest of the Hebrew Bible, is written in Classical Hebrew, and much of its present form is specifically the dialect of Biblical Hebrew that scholars believe flourished around the 6th century BCE, around the time of the Babylonian exile. For this reason, Hebrew has been referred to by Jews as Leshon HaKodesh (לשון הקודש), "The Holy Language", since ancient times.

A sacred language, "holy language" (in religious context), or liturgical language, is a language that is cultivated for religious reasons by people who speak another language in their daily life.  More info:

Progress with the One New Man Bible

Rev. William Morford, translator of the Power New Testament and editor of the One New Man Bible thought you might be interested in knowing our progress with the One New Man Bible.

My name is Steve Spillman, I'm Rev. Morford's publisher. We're in our sixth printing of the One New Man Bible; more than 40,000 copies are now in circulation!

We have just printed (November 2013) the second edition One New Man Bible with updated notes and a 150 page glossary. Our second edition is now available in Maroon syn-leather, hardcover and e-book versions for Kindle and iPad

Short comments from  Paul van Beek...

Paul van Beek is the founder of God's Outreach Ministry Int. Inc., which include also the Prophet Office and : EndtimeHarvestRevival!

Paul is devoted to release the prophetic message of encouragement, repentance, and Revival to the Churches, to the lost souls throughout numerous foreign countries. As a recognized minister, with authority to preach the Gospel of Messiah Yeshua, Jesus the Christ, by churches and also by the US-official authorities, he has established the Ministry-base in the Lakeland-area; Florida; USA. It is his answer to the call of G-d.

The purpose of this study site is to help you to dig deeper into the Word of G-d! I would like to encourage you to study through this New Man Bible; which is giving you a clear view into the Word of G-d!

Editing-source: Text is edited (by Paul van Beek) with lay-outs and Scriptural color-codes; underlining's, bold; entitling; illustrations; etc...; Names of "Jehovah" are replaced by the Scriptural Names : Yahweh" {"Tetragrammaton"};  Yeshua is the Jewish/Hebrew Name of "Jesus the Christ"; Original text is NOT changed; Grammar issues are removed so far as possible!

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