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Religion kills the remaining life!
Tree in Tree Restored!
“Nowadays” Christianity!
Like David...
Like the “Pharisees”
You cannot limit God's Holy scripture's to your own denomination!
Divine wisdom revealed by illustrations!
Devotion to release these teaching's

Religion kills the remaining life!

Almost dying totally far away from to be perfect and beautiful these Citrus-fruit-trees outwardly Dead & hollow branches are overwhelming the tree! There is still life and it is still bearing fruit. For how long? Even the living branches will be in danger when their support becomes more and more weak. Parasites, termites, bugs are eating their way inside the branches.

Dead Branches are representing “religion and customs” which will bring forth death!

The “Hollowness” represents the emptiness into people’s life, without the reality of the Holy Spirit!

Parasites, termites & bugs represent the enemies’ work inside a human life! The remaining life is force to die also, unless the pruning work will be accomplish! Religion represents the killing force into a weak individual Christian life. If (false) religion & legalism will not remove, Christianity in its full purpose will fade away! It also represent a part of the nowadays Church!


!Parasites, termites & bugs represent the enemies’ work inside a human life! The remaining life is force to die, as you can see the holes from the termites on these pictures! Not much was alive anymore of this branch!

Tree in "Tree" Restored!

(1) See at these 3 pictures and see for yourself the examples of challenging devoted work! Dead branches are overwhelming the tree. There is still life and it is still bearing fruit, but for how long?



(2) The dead branches are removed and the remaining living tree will get a new change!

(3) All the overwhelming branches of the tree are removed. There is still life and it will still bear fruit, without limitations now!


A new beginning!...


  “Nowadays” Christianity!

There are Christians like this tree! The burdens which expressed in religion into their life for so many years bearing their “fruit”! They couldn't handle life anymore! Than the "landsman" (the pastor, minister, sent by the L-rd) came and pruned them from their “Dead branches” and set them "free"! It was a process of deliverance and restoration in a period of time. It was hard labor for the minister as for the “tree” as well! Mostly dirty, hard and dangerous work! But at the end, there was freedom and a new beginning! They are able to breathe the bread of G-d in its full proposing! That what satan had created as a heavy burden into their life's he became a “footstool” under their feet, by the victorious Blood of Yeshua, the Messiah!
I will put my law in their inward parts, and write it in their hearts; and will be their G-d, and they shall be My people. (Jeremiah 31:33b) 

Like David...

Like David was compared to his grown up brothers, he was not even counted important enough to be urged to attend the feast. He remained yet the youngest, and behold, he kept the sheep’s, perhaps smaller than the other sons of Jesse, in people eyes, but he was chosen of G-d, Who was looking on the heart and not the outward appearance. He had the true qualities to be a king!
But the L-rd said unto Samuel, Look not on his countenance, or on the height of his stature; because I have refused him: for the L-rd sees not as man does see; for man are looking on the outward appearance, but the L-rd looks on the heart. 1 (Samuel 16:7)

Like the “Pharisees”

Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye are like unto whited sepulchers, which indeed appear beautiful outward, but are within full of dead men's bones, and of all uncleanness. (Matthew 23:27) 

Self-righteous religious people who held to the letter of their interpretations of certain men-made rules, supposed to be from G-d and to their own traditions, regardless of whether they nullified the Word of G-d or not. Making themselves the enemies of G-d!  

  • Unwillingness to let common people enjoy religious freedom and pure truth (Matthew 23:13)
  • Greed and pretended holiness to secure secular ends! (Matthew 23:14)
  • Pretended zeal to win converts to G-d but with no view in mind other than to make instruments to serve their own oppressions and manipulations! (Matthew 23:15)
  • False doctrines and interpretations of Scripture and ungodly means in escaping responsibility in vows which were made in hypocrisy! (Matthew 23:16-22)
  • Superstition in scrupulously attending little things and things not commanded; and omitting things of great importance that are definitely enjoined! (Matthew 23:23-24)
  • Maintaining hypocrisy and pretended saint-ship by outward religious show! (Matthew 23:25-26)
  • Deep inward depravities and abominations covered only by outward forms of “religion”! (Matthew 23:27-28)
  • Pretended concern for the holiness of the people which goes no further than bragging about their own supposed regrets for the sins while at the same time plotting every conceivable means to commit worse sins! (Matthew 23:29-30)
  • Holding fast to their false doctrines, (“Are also called ‘hypocrisy") which were mere interpretations and traditions of men that they substituted for the Word of G-d!

You cannot limit G-d's Holy scripture's to your own denomination!

You cannot limit yourself to your own denomination, or own designed programs and reject all others who do not join the same kind of (your) denomination! A weak thing to rely upon! G-d's Holy scripture's are based on G-dly principles in His infinite love & grace, and is and will not limited by mankind-Church denominational barriers! You should have to accept ministers from outside as well! By their fruits you will recognize who they really are, not just based on "yes" or "no' from your "Church-denominational-doctrine"! You need to have a strong discernment of “spirits”! Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them. (Matthew 7:20)  If you are "simple" (Not complicated; high demanding; arrogant) and humble, devoid of pride, and holy, the Lord will speak also to you! 

Divine wisdom revealed by illustrations!

There are directions on how to profit by that which wisdom has already delivered; the purpose for such examples and the nature of the message. Bow down your ears and hear the words of G-dly wisdom, who refer these illustrations from their own environment and to the scenes what happened during the restoration process! So that you become able to apply your own heart to knowledge! That you may receive personal profit to your own soul and can get experiential Divine knowledge and be equipped to speak of wisdom also to others! So that on their turn they may learn to trust in the L-rd, get to know the absolute certainty of truth and the excellent things in counsels and knowledge (Proverbs 22:17-21)! (see also at "TreesOfG-d")

The Jewish people in the ancient times (Old Testament) have common things in the Scriptures to refer for illustrations to their occupation, environment and to the scenes with which they are familiar! Even Messiah Yeshua's teachings were based mostly on similair way! So also this teaching is based on the common things that surrounded us. This time it is (still) coming from G-d's revelations to me in my own environment! Several of these kind of (revelations-)teaching's are already on these web-site's!

I had nothing to say except that He is an Awesome G-d {YHVH} and I didn't know what answer to give G-d. I was astonished by the way how G-d can reveal things by just so simple &  common examples, which refer for illustrations from our own environment and to the scenes with which we as modern people are so familiar! In the first place, I couldn't find G-d, G-d did found me! 

Devotion to release these teaching's

These ministry Teaching’s, with many of Biblical studies is always freely available for everyone! Available on this Ministries web-site's  with the possibility (optional) to link to ‘your’ web-site as well! As such, these detailed teaching’s site’s cost a lot of precious time and financial commitment for the author and the publisher as well! Even it is a short teaching or study, that takes you only minutes to read, and few the pictures according the story, takes many hours of work to write, to investigate, to edit, to design, to format and technically make available & maintain on the web server.


There are direct words of teaching's of the Holy Spirit how to profit with such a Divine wisdom in just for us in a 'normal' environment, transformed into a 'teaching's field', where G-d use these environments and circumstances! Just as I was pruning citrus trees in a field! In the same way the L-rd Yeshua Messiah had teach His disciples in the field and using common things from surrounding nature! Are you ready to hear His voice and receive His wonderful teaching's?

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