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When you are expected to preach good, sound comfortable words, to please to people who receive the message, and make them feel comfortable by pleasant words. So they accept it and think its ok? They can still go to hell, because I have refused to speak the straight truth to them! I had to compromise with man!? Is it possible that the state of some Church members is sunk down in a low state, that even the ministers, which surrounding you complain about it? It's irresponsible that the Church complains of the plain and strict words of a Prophet or a person sent by God. Are these persons still asleep, still in a low and cold state of unbelief?! They cannot expect a serious Revival, when they will not humble themselves and repent before God and wake up and be effectual for the Church! The Churches often forget that the Minister is responsible only to God Is it not that "man pleasing people “complain too often and want to make rules for a Prophet to speak more softly and gentle and not to obsess the people? Why so much resistance and superficiality over 'plain' words, when it exposes the sins that prevail among the saints? Is this rebelling against the Church and the truth, by that specific minister? "He should not speak so plainly to the Church before the world!" But if you have something to hide, is it not the hidden sin, you try to hide? Than do not put blame on the prophet, by his plain preaching's, when he reveals the sin and even rebukes in love, even though it could be openly, with all respect for dignity! What if they are offended? So often ministers are trapped by satan: "well-pleasing to man, people and leaders to obtain a good impression?”! This it is wrong! Jesus can get along very well without them!

Instead of recommending the message of the Prophet, and holding up his hands in all possible ways for support, most Churches, Ministers, leaders and pastors stand right in the way and contradict the message and his positive influence, and so souls are going to be lost for ever! They are complaining still to receive a good straight message of the Lord; they can be changed by the power of God. If not, they still want to sleep further?! God will send His people out for labor, but if people do not want to receive, than put off the dust from you and go further on!

If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land (2 Chronicles 7:14).

Moved and motivated by the firm and deep conviction

Moved and motivated by the firm and deep conviction that it is God's perfect will that all believers be truly united in mutual love in Him and His efforts for understanding in His Kingdom will result in greater benefits in soul salvation of the establishment of social Christian order. We meet in solemn manner to form the International Christian Non-Denominational Ministry: God's Outreach Ministry Int. Inc. in Lakeland, Florida, USA and with the assurance that God will prosper our efforts! All the Glory belongs only to Him! So we are organized as a Christian Charismatic Movement of brothers & sisters, filled with the Holy Spirit filled with the Glory of God. Whereas our main objective is to extend the interests of the Kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ, promote activities, services, meetings in accordance with Biblical order, maintain harmony, unity among all, worshipping God; the work and businesses of the Lord Jesus Christ or Yeshua, the Messiah and disapprove of all anti-Biblical methods and teachings.

Summary of Exodus of
God's Outreach Ministry Int.

Exodus signifies a departure or going out, referring to the leading event of the Lord Jesus Christ. The "going out of Belgium, Europe" by our response of the call of God in our lives. It records the wonderful prophetic leading and fulfillment of God's promises, He made during the last years of our lives in Belgium. But also it is a testimony for many as an example, such as the persecution and oppression by people, who suppose to encourage us as faithful Christians. Just a few are remaining, but in spite of this God is determined and so are we! Our "Exodus" is not from this day, but from many years before when we realized our call. It was God Who was taking us out of our "Egypt" and His deliverance by His power, so that we are prepared for the task, for which we are called for!

The "Exodus" from Belgium; the giving of the written law in our hearts, the building of God's Outreach Ministry Int., and the beginning of a new season in another nation, for our lives into the leadership of a Ministry raised up by God's grace only. In these Personal Testimonies you can read about the sketches of our way and early life of us and our call to lead a Ministry, including its high demands, into the many nations of the world and the United States of America! On the web-site of God's Outreach Ministry Int. you can see the religious statements, visions and the structural organization of a Ministry, raised up out of a lot of persecution and oppression, but now of a visible form and what we believe with the hands of God upon it! God's Outreach Ministry Int. is established in the Lakeland-Area!

Paul & Connie van Beek
Founders/Ambassadors of Yeshua Messiah
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A specific Revival-sermon at Brussels
Just a testimony of the so many works of the Holy Spirit during the active ministry!
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Dropes of the Revival-rain were shortly "raining" in  Brussels; Belgium; West-Europe! Several testimonies are given into the churches around Brussels! YES! Its true, Revival-rain was in the Spanish-French-speaking church, during our active ministry: IGLESIA EVANGELICA, Rue Joseph Claes 41, Brussels, Belgium, West-Europe. Sunday afternoon the 27 June 1999, at the baptize meeting, the Holy Spirit moved tremendously into this church, when there was prayed for the (baptized) saints. The whole church was in a commotion by the power of God! It was incredible! People were seized with fear for God! Converted sinners, also believers came with deep repentance, with deep humility, and forsaking of sin, by their confession during the whole meeting. The church was awakened and people gave their life to Jesus spontaneous! Many of them became free and were dancing in the church out of joy! The anointing was perceptible! The meeting was 2 hours longer than planned, but the time was just forgotten!

Go ye into the entire world, and preach the gospel

Go ye into all the (the entire) world, and preach the gospel to every creature. (Mark 16:15; Acts.1:8)
God's Outreach Ministry Int. is a world-wide prophetic ministry that looks after the lost souls, backslide Christians, the hurting hearts... To bring them into the house of God and is called to bring people worthily before the Throne of the Heavenly Father! worship Him in and with the Spirit, with such a contrite and humble heart. This Ministry will teach, preaches and prophecy for the freedom of Jesus Christ... FREEDOM from bondage, religiosity, traditions, false doctrine, etc…

"God's Outreach Ministry Int. Inc."
is subservient to God's
ultimately work for us on earth!

Also we realize that the Ministry on itself is something like an organization of people with a name, to present, which is nothing more than a useful tool, how large it even may be, what we use to spread the Gospel of Yeshua Messiah or Jesus Christ and to bring the lost souls into the Kingdom of God! The Ministry is “earthly”, but their fruits are spiritual and natural! Through this Ministry, God will use us as useful vessels so that we can fulfill our calling; that's what we believe! We love to present God's Holy Kingdom, and therefore God gave us God's Outreach Ministry Int. But we do not adore the Ministry on it self, which could result in idol-worshipping! In matter as fact, God's Outreach Ministry Int. is subservient to God's ultimately work for us on earth!

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