Likewise Abraham was leaving his house

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Like Abraham was leaving his house, his family and was going to where? He did not know! Where was he going to? God said: "GO", get them out of the country". (Exodus 12:1) In Verse 2 is the promise of G-d for Abram, when he obeyed G-ds instructions. In Verse 3: ...and I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed. Still this blessing is upon the children of G-d! And who cursed you, these curses will go back to the one who spoke out the curse, because the curse couldn't find his way by the protected children of G-d! When G-d said this to me in the same way, then I shall go! The L-rd said to me in Belgium; "I am going to take you to the United States". I told this the "Christian" people and they laughed about me. "Who do you think you are?"


The day we decided that we have to leave, the church were we were part of, neglected us. You have made your decision, so what have we to do with it? They were not really interested in our call for this ministry and for what we had to go for. I said just, "Its fine by me, I can do it also without the support of your church". You just don't want to share what I see. "Why do you want to go to the USA for? To where, for what, to who? Aren't there ministers enough already in the United States?" "There is so most to do here in Belgium!" "Who do you think you are?" So what?!
Picture: Like Abraham was leaving his house, his family and was going to where?"


Likewise Abraham, we will respond to G-d's willingness to be a G-d for us also in our time! On His terms and on His time G-d will respond to our devotion for Him. An actual and intimate relationship, which still exists, will continue to increase. On this moment I cannot imagine how I would be a blessing for so many others, that G-d intended over me. As the times unfold G-d's ultimately plan for us and through our lives, it will give the full extension. And as a result of this, marked with faith, likewise Abraham, revelations and visions will continue.

When the spirit of G-d stirring up in your heart and said:

Many times when it comes down for what G-d said it is just for me, for my wife Connie and for my son Jonathan, than we have made decisions, we are going for it! ...So Abram departed, as the L-rd has spoken to him; (Exodus 12:4) in spite off! No matter what everybody said? They criticizing us, about what? Obviously it must be somethingís they canít understand or donít want to understand!


Why the enemy is so obsessed about and why is he moving so much against me? Why is he stirring up so much stuff and try to hinder to fulfill our call of G-d? Glory to G-d! Why is the enemy doing everything he can to run you off, because he doesn't want it that I will find and do it? You talk and dream visions and than the persecution comes and all hell break loss. You are walking from dessert to dessert, from one disaster to the other. It seems there is no end coming and you are going to believe that this all, maybe is not the right way. Abram went to the unknown country Canaan; Joseph innocent in prison, sold as a slave for a cheap prize; David was the rejected one and chased by King Saul, to small, to young, to present himself for Samuel de Prophet of the L-rd, together with his brothers, Moses went into the wilderness, Jeremiah was put in prison many times and accused as a false Prophet, etc... This obviously canít be G-d? Joseph had dreams, what he couldnít understand in that time, but it was his future! But first he was cast into a pit, to be sold for just twenty pieces of silver, and brought him as a slave into Egypt.


At last, through many years of testing on the most terrible ways, he was been exalted, and became second ruler over Egypt, and on this way, G-d could save the whole nation of Israel from famine! So there is a background off. Just like the Prophet Jeremiah, that he could not seem to reconcile the fact that the conspirators prospering in the plotting of his life, when he has been faithful to prophesy for G-d! Many times you are going to doubt about the ultimate justice and punishment for the wicked people, while they are living in prosperity, and you want justice and immediate action of dealing for "in your eyes" righteousness of G-d. Because of the fact you live in the righteous way with G-d. Jeremiah's intercession, pleading for himself:


O L-rd, Thou knowest: remember me and visit me, and revenge me of my persecutors; take me not away in Thy long-suffering: Know that for Thy sake I have suffered rebuke. Thy Words were found, and I did eat them; and Thy Word was unto me the joy and rejoicing of my heart, for I am called by Thy Name, O L-rd G-d of Hosts. I sat not in the assembly of mockers, nor rejoiced, I sat alone, because of Thy hand: For Thou has filled me with indignation. Why is my pain perpetual, and my wound incurable, which refused to be healed? Will Thou be altogether unto me as a liar, and as waters that fail? (Jeremiah 16:15-18)


Likewise Abraham; leaving his country! Where was he going to? He didnít really know! But, Abraham has a peace in his heart. He didn't really know about how. But you step it out. "You are walking on the water". You are leaving everything behind! There is nothing greater than leaving out and "walking on the water of the supernatural" and watching what God is going to do!


(Picture: Flag-colored-Belgium) So, when I preparing myself to leave Belgium, West-Europe , and People were saying: "It's not out of G-d what you are going to do". All what I am doing is what I am feeling in my heart! If I feel something's in my heart, I do not care what the obstacles are and what people said about it, that it canít be done! There is a way to do it and I am going to find it. When you are feeling that stirring up in your heart, you are feeling that the Spirit of G-d said: "There is a way to do it and G-d is giving you a way to do it"! It is not a matter what the people said, it is a matter what G-d said! Mostly people want to see it on their {terms; mindset thinking} ways and through their own eyes, instead to see it through the eyes of G-d, before it really happens.


Basically I have to operate without nearby nothing! The best way to operate with nearby nothing & no support at all. which is very hard. When you have it all into G-dís function you have to relay it on G-d only. G-d has to take you step by step according His plans. So you are stepping out and every step is ordered by G-d. G-d wants me that I totally trust Him. Totally relay upon Him! Totally look upon Him. You don't expecting it, but yet is G-d just re-directing me and repositioning me. The storms can be so heavy many times and you make adjustments, you make some changes, but people think sometimes that it is from the enemy. But in matter a fact G-d is directing me through this warfare of anything that on anytime can blow you up and can stop me for filling the mission that G-d called {and choosen} me to do! You have to live by the Holy Spirit and than your desperate cry is: "L-rd, I need you so much! L-rd I have to trust you. Yeshua, I have to relay upon You only, and I have to make these steps. I need Your wisdom, Your strength, Your joy, Your peace, Your victory!" To know G-d, it moves us beyond intellectual knowledge to personal experience and it will bring you to an intimate relationship with G-d as you never experience before. I do not want to be worrying about what is coming and what to do! But His Word in Exodus 3:12 said: Certainly I will be with thee, and this shall be token unto thee, that I have sent thee,

I will relay upon you only, my L-rd

So here we are in Belgium (Close to Brussels; Capitol of West-Europe), and G-d said: "GO". I know there are many pitfalls and many obstacles, but also opportunities! I will lay everything on the altar and I will give this to the L-rd. We had talked about going to United States a long time before and we tried to find out if this was really out of G-d. But nothing happens. If I never have to go to the United States, it's fine by me. L-rd I just don't understand it, Every time when I try to make it happen, its results to that nothing happens. These things and visions are so big inside of me, but nothing is happen yet. Basically what He wants that I do is to stop trying to do it by myself and let Him bring it to pass! Picture: "Great Market Place" at the heart of Brussels; Belgium

Go and stir up the churches & ministries

"Go and stir up the churches and ministries, go and tell them to get ready for the coming End Time Harvest Revival!"
If G-d calls you to a foreign country, donít leave and go, but test
the Prophetic Words that was spoken into your innermost first! I had taken a missionary journey first. Several times I went to the United States, Florida, for 2 or 3 and even for 4 weeks to check it out. (About 3 time a year) I went out and looked at the people, their churches, their ministries, and their ways of doing and how G-d was working into this all. This from 1997 until 2001! The Lord said: "Go and stir up the churches and ministries, go and tell them to get ready for the coming End Time Harvest Revival!"This coming Revival shall be with signs and wonders and the supernatural". He also said: "Shake also the Nations World-wide! Shake and prepare the churches, the ministries; to minister people of G-d, and of course the lost souls and tell them to make themselves ready for the coming great Revival! "
!Picture: Ezra is reading the Torah to the ancient Hebrew people A judge and a reformer!


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