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We will come over and establish "God's Outreach Ministry Int. Inc." in the United States, Florida and depend on G-ds Supernatural provision.

We had to sell our home, cars, and more in Belgium! My wife, Connie, had to resign from her life-time secured job with a bank-company in Brussels and I had to discontinue my activities as an independent business man. So that we could move with our possessions (in a 40-Ft Container) to Florida, between Orlando and Tampa! 


We believed in that time it would be in the Lakeland area, which is a fact now! That was still in a time of a high US $-quotation! We need to have a serious $ fall in prices, when we transfer the money of the sale of our house in Belgium! (It happen  a year and half later with a very good $-quotation!) It is not easy to sell your house, when people try to force you to sell too cheap!    Moving with our possessions"


We have received our "Definitive Visa" from immigration (Religion worker; Special Immigrant) at the 9-th August 2000 from the US Embassy at Brussels, Belgium. This is the result of the good news is that we received on the 20-Th. March 2000, the Approval Notice for Special Immigrant-Religious Worker! The papers were ready. An interview with the consular officer with the US-Embassy at Brussels Belgium was on 07 August 2000, 01.30 PM! That means that the “Green Card/Visa” for the United States will follow automatically as soon as we arrived! That's what we always believed in! This is means also that we had to arrive in the United States in a time-period of a half year, and that is a very short time, when you still have to sell your house at a fair price! But now we all as family-members received the "Permanent Resident Card". Our house in Belgium has to be sold, and we came over and established "God's Outreach Ministry Int. Inc.." in the United States, in the Lakeland-area, officially and depend on the income, from G-ds supernatural provision through work and in the end through the Ministry.

Loading-in furniture in the 40-Ft Container; Belgium!


But all these things had to go on in G-ds perfect timing, otherwise we shall have problems, and "the puzzle is not fitting together"! A lot of forms had to be filled in by the IRS, to get the Ministry in the United States legally incorporated as a non-profit organization.

Loading-out the furniture out the 40-Ft Container; Florida!


Again, if I told you the obstacles we had to overcome you would not believe it! It seems to be as impossible! There are so many things that are standing between me as person and my vision from G-d. But if the L-rd said that you are going to do it, than there is nobody who can stop me. But, honest, it brings also a lot of frustrations with it. It is also very difficult to make it understandable for the surrounding Christian and non-Christian people, what is really going on in our lives! My son, Jonathan, who was 10 years old at that time, has to change his school, language, his culture etc! But......!!!

We have said "yes", to the call of G-d!

We are still waiting and praying in faith for more breakthroughs in specific areas. This was a very difficult time, but also a great challenge! In Yeshua's Mighty Name! We will continue to rise up inside God's Outreach Ministry Int. Inc. other related ministries as well. Such as the Prophet Office; End Time Harvest Revival; (Replacing Revival -Lakeland); We also  realize it's still the work of G-d, not ours! It has been confirmed several times. Also the future-Place of Radical Worship Streams of Heaven and all about the office of a Prophet: has made progress!


Ministries Web-site in 2013:


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End-Time-Harvest-Revival (was Revival-Lakeland) is a part of and an initiative from God’s Outreach Ministry Int. Inc. and was a serious "target" in the whole world concerning Revival! These several Ministries web-site's exists since October 2005! Thanks to all these efforts through this web-site's; many people world-wide could find their way also to the local Lakeland-healing outpouring meetings & guiding more than 8,000 online visitors daily local. (60,000.000 online visitors in the  June 08 only!) Before people know about the existence of Lakeland and it's healing outpouring revival I was already by G-d instructed in October 2005.


Healing Outpouring in Lakeland; spring 2008! Whether I like it or not, I was already involved since begin of April 2008, by the online visitors for the "Revival Lakeland" web-pages! Revival doesn't belong to you, neither to any other person, but belongs to G-d only! Whether you are a famous minister or unknown! I was and still I am willing to be faithful! Now this web-site make space for the  End-time Harvest-Revival, which will be also worldwide! 


This web-site has already proved its accuracy of correct predictions

This web-site has already proved its accuracy of correct predictions for the Healing-Revival-Outpouring for Lakeland in 2008! Many intercession meetings over the years were hold here before having this Healing Outpouring in Lakeland! It operates undependable and it was informing to the "world" what was happening during those days {2008} in Lakeland; Florida! Not only the visions, but everything people (world-wide) need to know about this specific healing-Outpouring-Revival!


Actual hits & views on the sites (Online visitors were mostly over the 500,000 - Daily in the month May, June, July & August 2008 - EarthLink-Web-Host!) The month May 2008 had 11.776,238 online visitors! Range Total for the month of June 2008: more than 12,000.000! Daily Average: 324,790.56 The actual views online daily (People who are spending time to read) About 8,000 Online visitors were guided directly to the local Lakeland Healing Outpouring local meetings!


Detailed study materials available for!


This ministry; "God's Outreach Ministry Int. Inc.";{cover}  Scientifically - Archeology - Teaching’s web-page's throughout several web-site-groups, with many of Scriptural Scientifically studies! It is written in various fields of geography, archeology, ancient-history; Jewish Roots & Inheritance; and science in many web-pages!

To create these many teaching’s/ scientifically web-page’s with all the detailed information and in the prophetic-time-cycles - visions will cost a lot of 'Earthly time! This ministry with the Prophetic visions web-page's, and with many Biblical study-notes are always freely available for everyone! Especially for the End-Time-Harvest-Revival - online visitors! As such, these many detailed teaching’s site’s cost a lot of precious (study) time and financial commitment for the author and the publisher as well!


Every detailed study, that takes you only a shorter time to read & study, and to view the illustrations according the story, has take many hours; days, weeks and even months; of devoted work to write, to edit, to design, to format and technically make available & maintain on these Ministries-web-sites.


When I preach the gospel of Messiah Yeshua

When I was preaching the gospel of Messiah Yeshua or Jesus Christ in several locations at Belgium, the Netherlands, France and other places in West Europe, (also in the United States), in several languages, I may have the privilege to experience great anointing and Heavenly FIRE from the Holy Spirit {Roach HaKodesh}. Nearly every time people get saved! The messages were pointed to Revival preaching's. Also a lot of Personal Prophecies were spoken or in singing (native or in the Spirit – language) over the people! I am not specifically a singer, at least that what I thought. We have to prepare and warn the people for the soon coming of the l-rd! Like John the Baptist said and proclaimed: "I am the voice of one crying in the wilderness, Make straight the way of the L-rd" (John 1:23& Isaiah 40:3) (You can read more about this in the book: Preparation for the great Revival, Chapter 6 by Paul van Beek)


I am also experiencing that G-d is changing the present state of many churches also here in the United States aswell in West Europe. He is giving life in the form of Living Waters! He is quickening us. He is restoring us. (Romans 8:11)
His people, His churches, Countries, Nations, Continents, The whole world! It's what I believe the preparation of the End Time Harvest Revival! Also with a great sense of wonder and humility, I am pleased to report that G-d is using also this Ministry for Revival! That is what I have experienced also in several Church-meetings people were literally running forwards after the alter-call. They were repenting of their sins, getting saved; getting new devoted lives for Yeshua, etc.

To be real for the L-rd, also in Belgium

If you want to be real for Yeshua, as in Belgium, you are pronounced as weird or they are going to say, that you belong to a sect! Even the Belgium government will be superficially against you! There is persecution in Belgium. It's very difficult to be recognized as a legal non-traditional church in Belgium! Also among the other Christian-organizations, ministries and Churches! But the Ministry was official recognized by the Culture society of the City Genk, (Belgium) where we lived in 1998.

What shall I find in Florida, in America
and the rest of the world?

Shall I find churches & Ministries who will open their doors and will not be limiting me to bring Revival, by the power of the Holy Spirit? What shall I find? So many times I also find great superficiality and passiveness about Revival, when I minister in Florida! Can I find righteous man and woman of G-d who have the right Spirit, the understanding and discernment of the voice of the Holy Spirit and the love to give all their help for those who are sent by G-d with a purpose? Those who are willing to bless, cooperate and support the work of the Kingdom of YHVH, unconditionally; are blessed people! I am waiting for more open doors that G-d will give to me!


Prejudice is a form of discrimination that its roots have from mostly pride! It causes people to distort, or even ignore the facts that is in conflict with their predetermined opinions, without any knowledge of the facts; but just by assuming! Prejudice may have its beginning in seemingly innocent, but it is misguided; with a wrong mentality, without a real reason, but more in a different way of (wrong) opinions. It may be sown by those who deliberately promote warped or miss-understanding, not having the willingness even to try to understand views of other races, cultures, religions, denominational differences! It is evil 'product' of inordinate pride!

Regular I have to face this painful issue here in Lakeland and lesser in Florida, just because I still have a light West European Accent. It is also inside the Church walls.


A [self-confident] 'fool' has no delight in understanding but only in revealing his personal opinions {and} himself. (Proverbs 18:2)



Like Abraham I was sent out of my country, to go to the nations and to preach His Word.
Joseph, I had to go out of my comfort and security of ... and be tested in many ways!
Moses I was asking G-d, "Who am I that....?"
David was compared to his grown up brothers, he was not even counted important enough to be urged to attend the feast. He remained yet the youngest, and behold, he kept the sheep perhaps smaller than the other sons of Jesse, in people eyes, but he was chosen of God, Who was looking on the heart and not the outward appearance. He had the true qualities to be a king!
Like the
Prophet Ezekiel, he was called and sent to the children of Israel, to a rebellious nation that had rebelled against G-d. Among impudent children and stiff-hearted people! Whether they will hear, or whether they will forbear: This rebellion house, yet, shall know that there had been a prophet among them. And he shall speak His Words unto them! (Ezekiel 2:1-7)
Like the Prophet Jeremiah, who was seeking after G-ds righteousness and wanting immediate action in dealing with the people who came so against him.
Is not My Word like as a
FIRE ? [That consumes all that cannot endure the test] Says the L-rd, and like a hammer that breaks in pieces the rock? [-of most stubborn resistance] (Jeremiah 23:29; Amplified)
Like Job, when he was reasoning, with his few friends that were left, about why those horrible things that happen even to the G-dly of the earth. His tremendous human sufferings, and the effects of these terrible experiences, were also giving revelation to us, about human sufferings, through calamities, losing every possession, even through horrible sicknesses. It shows the reasoning of ordinary men concerning these trails; and identifies satan, as the cause of a lot of such miseries.
It gives us also wise teachings about patience! When Job was crying to G-d for deliverance, in his time of great trails and times of need, G-d showed Himself as the Deliverer and Helper.
Job definitely is an inspired man of G-d, who can give us through this wise teaching a lot of courage.
Like Noah, When G-d had established His Covenant with him, and told that he could go into the ark, with his family. So Noah only remained alive and they that were with him in the ark. They escaped the judgment of G-d over the corrupt generation in Noah's days. While Noah, who was sent by G-d, was being preparing the "ark", he warned the wicked generation of his day before the flood of the coming judgment of G-d, because of their wicked way of living. But they scoffed at his "ark", which was still on dry land, and failed to respond, with the right faith, like Noah had, and so they were destroyed from the face of the earth! It was a corrupted rebellious generation that had rebelled, transgressed against a Holy G-d! They were the impudent, stiff-hearted, sinful, hardhearted, wicked, evil-hearted, people, so that the L-rd repented He had made man on the earth and it grieved him at His heart. (Genesis 6:6)

In spite of Noah, who was preaching (in loneliness) and warning his generation, about the coming flood and judgment of G-d, but they refuse to respond in the right way. They refused to turn their ways from evil and wickedness, to G-d. Just a few (8) were saved: (1 Peter 3:20) Noah only remained alive and they that were with him in the ark!

Noah has found grace in the eyes of the L-rd. These are the generations of Noah: Noah was a just man and perfect {Not polluted by the giant race}in his generations, and Noah walked with G-d! (Genesis 6:8, 9)

What about our generations? Is this not a warning for them also? Isn't it that by Yeshua only, we will find deliverance and safety, like the ark? IF we also are willing to walk with G-d and being as a just man; perfect, by the grace of G-d, in our generations? In spite of all the resistance and rejections! In spite of, facing many trails, having many questions, rejected by many, we still serving and continue to serve an Awesome G-d!


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