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Preparing the Prophetic End-time Harvest Revival for the children!

Hello precious children!

You ...have just come to this site special for Children to find out more about God's Outreach Ministry Int.  & the End-Time-Harvest-Revival; and will find one or more of the pages that you are really going to like as your favorite one! You are not here by accident! Spend some time with us! Discover the awesome pages created to build up your personal friendship with your  Lord Yeshua, the Messiah or Jesus, the Christ, and see what great things God has in store for you personally! My persevering prayer is that you will know who God really is and have a place in your heart! You will also find more information and links, below this page, which will direct you to your favorite site's! Also we want to tell you, that your writing to us is always welcome! Please, understand, we have the duty to inform your parents and have their cooperation! Is that OK for you?

Paul van Beek; Pastor

You can write to us

Your writing to us is always welcome! Just click on: "Contact us for Children"! Listen! There are some rules you need to keep! OK? Inform your parents! (or guardian) Also let your parents (or guardian) read the contact form first before you write and send! It is protection for you! We will avoid any kind of harm on you! We will take your writings confidential! But we must also obey your Daddy, mammy or guardian! That is a law in the USA, for your own protection! That is very good! So we will be faithful and trustworthy in these things! You also must under the age of 18! But that is not a problem, isn't it? We are looking forward to hear from you!

Who are we...shortly?

I am Paul van Beek and I am born in 1959 at Heerlen, from origin a Roman City, the very south of the Netherlands (West-Europe), about 15 miles East of another City that was built by the ancient Romans: Maastricht, and is very close to 3-front section of the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. For 21 years, Connie (my wife) & I  lived (with our son, Jonathan 1991) in Genk, Belgium. 
(About 60 miles east from the Capital of Europe: Brussels! Click on Author to know more about me)

The Lord Yeshua, the Messiah called us in a faith-call many years ago. In December 2001 we as family took a great step in faith, and moved from Belgium to Lakeland in Florida; USA. The beginning of a new season in another nation, arriving with just 6 suit-cases, for devoting as a form of scarify, our lives as servants into the leadership of this Ministry by God's grace!

Now we have ministered to many people in services in several foreign  nations, especially West-European! But via the web-sites of this Ministry we reaching more than 12,000.000 people yearly all around the world!

Retired sea captain giving away
18 million gospel books
"He Lived Among Us!"

In 1989, retired sea captain Warmolt Houwing discovered an illustrated Bible story book, entitled "He Lived Among Us". He obtained the copyrights and started giving the books away to fellow seamen in the Port of Antwerp.

Giving away these books has since become his mission in life. By enlisting the support of others, the Toronto-based evangelist has been able to print more than 18 million copies of this book in 27 languages. He distributes all the books free of charge, with help from many different organizations; and now he displays this book on the Internet in 18 languages for free download at:

For further information, contact: Warmolt Houwing, 156 Hillsdale Ave East, Toronto. Ontario. M4S 1T5; ': (416) 489-8661 or 932-2185.  
(© Information is from their web-site!)

The use of flags

The use of flags can be quite an entertaining sight to see, but when used to lift up blessings, glory, honor, and power to the Lord in His presence, flags can be more than entertaining. Used in accordance to the Word, flags become the primary sign for lifting up a "standard" of God. The Bible refers to the word flag as "standard" or "banner."

Flag Ministry or Flag Worship is the union of flags, music, and the Word of God that allows one to enter into the awesome presence of God. This worship art form brings a memorable experience of worshiping our Lord under His anointing. There are several  purposes for Flag Worship:

To exalt the name of the Lord and give Him all the praise and the glory!
To destroy the works of
the enemy!
To be involved in celebration with joyful expressions!
To attracts people for the worship to God!
To involved you as children into a pleasant way of worship!
To show the world that it is joyful to belong to God's children!

The basic technique of flag waving is not really a new art form! It is used in ancient Old Testaments Jewish people!

The understanding of the colors

Without the understanding of the colors, there purpose, essence and why; it is also difficult to understand what going on! So surf also to site: color-codes, You need get more information & understanding about Flags  with the understanding and explanations of their color-codes!

The pillar of Children

“Children are a heritage from the Lord …” (Psalm 127:3-5)
“Let the little children come to Me ...” (Mark 10:13-16)
“If any of you put a stumbling block before one of these little ones who believe in Me” (Matthew 18:1-7)

In the light of the above Scriptures we see how guilty we as adults are as a society for the multitude of ways in which our children are abused, led astray, deceived and not cared for in the way God intends.  Immorality, abortion, illegitimacy, sexual confusion brought about by immoral and perverted behavior, drugs, violence; physical, mental and sexual abuse are just some of the ways our children suffer.  Yet our children are a gift from God, the future generation, who should be loved, cared for, nurtured, trained and disciplined so that they grow up to be the men and women of the future as God intended.  How much God must grieve at the ways we are destroying them – physically, morally and spiritually!?

Your Favorite Site's!

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Yeshua , the Messiah lived among us
(Jesus, the Christ)



The use of flags

Here we explain why we use so many colors!

Jewish Persecution Person of
the Father; God
Person of Yeshua
Jesus Christ
Person of
the Holy Spirit


While we encourage your questions or concerns, we must now address those children who do not do this in a Christian manner.  We take seriously any of your message that is done in a manner unbecoming a Christian, and are keeping an active file of these messages; and if the content is considered a wrong way of communicating in any way or improperly language, and sex propaganda, your parents will be informed as well in later state to the proper agencies (like FBI) will be notified. We care deeply for all of you, and look forward to your continued correspondence. See at "Contact us for children"