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The Effects of the catastrophe
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The Effects of the cosmic catastrophe for planet Earth! 
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  The Biblical Flood & The Ice Epoch
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Noah's Flood
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The Effects of the catastrophe
for planet Earth!
Model of the Flood Catastrophe
W. Patten
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The Effects of the cosmic catastrophe for planet Earth!
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Model of the Flood Catastrophe W. Patten © (7)

In explaining the interactions of this celestial crisis, there are four celestial bodies and their four zones of gravitational dominance which must be recognized. These are:  

(1) The Sun and the Sun's 25 to 40 trillion mile zone of gravitational dominance, extending outward toward the nearer stars.
 (2) The Earth and the Earth's 800,000 mile zone of gravitational dominance, a small enclave within the Sun's domain.
 (3) The Astral Visitor and its zone of gravitational dominance, possibly accompanied by a small, icy satellite or two!
 (4) The Moon and its 50,000 to 90,000 mile zone of gravitational dominance, an enclave within the Earth's gravitational domain.

The Earth's gravitational domain is not constant in size, since it orbits around the Sun in an eccentric orbit which varies between 91,500,000 and 94,500,000 miles. The Earth's field of gravitational dominance shifts about 7% in length from perihelion to aphelion and is pear-shaped, extending farther in the direction opposite the Sun than toward the Sun.

The zone of dominance of the Visitor is unknown, partly because its mass is only an educated guess, and partly because the dimensions of the zone will shift markedly, depending on its location. The Visitor may have been four times as massive as the Moon, and it may have approached the Earth ten times as closely as does the Moon approach the Earth. The contending forces involved were the staging of a four-way tug of war between the Sun, the small Earth, the smaller Visitor, and the Earth's tiny satellite, the Moon. The involvement did not result in permanent capture; the Sun finally won out.

If one concludes that this great event in Earth history, the Flood, was indeed a cosmic catastrophe, rather than merely a prolonged meteorological event, then one must conclude that its cause was gravitational rather than heat, which is the ultimate cause in floods caused by excessive rainfall (heat causing the evaporation and the organizing of wind systems). If the Flood is cosmic, it is not only a gravitational catastrophe; it is a gravitational-magnetic catastrophe, and it should be an excellent subject for a model.

The best model of the Flood Catastrophe will be the model which best explains a significant number of interrelated events of this crisis period on Earth history, and not merely one or two aspects. Therefore, the best model of the Flood will likely be based on the most comprehensive analysis.

A case in point is the recognition that if there are tides in the hydrosphere, there must necessarily also be tides in the fluid magma, tides likely of a much greater force. The evidences of these appear in the Circum-Pacific and the Alpine-Himalayan zones of uplift, evidences which become overwhelming when examined in moderate depth. Implicit in this is the recognition that mountain-building forces are:    

(1) Astral rather than exclusively terrestrial in nature
 (2) Sudden rather than extremely gradual in engagement
 (3) Global rather than local in scope
 (4) Recent rather than ancient in terms of multiplied millions of years

A second case in point, beyond the orogenetical, is the glacial case, the Ice Epoch. If the Ice Epoch were a great dump of astral ice, possibly 12,000,000 cubic miles, dumped over the magnetic poles, simultaneous in timing with the Flood, involving ice at temperatures approaching absolute zero, this understanding is essential in fully comprehending the totality of the Flood event.

Other considerations from many disciplines, including anthology and folklores, recorded history, paleoclimatology, biochemistry and astronomy, add further perspectives which may bear upon a preferred model of the Flood catastrophe.

A satisfactory model must meet many kinds of requirements and these requirements must include the following: 

(1) Horizontal Consistency. It must have horizontal consistency with the established and understood physical principles of our universe. It must have scientific consistency. In the case of the model portrayed in the following line diagrams, this consistency must include:

(a) Consistency relative to principles of gravitation
(b) Consistency relative to principles of electromagnetism.
(c) Consistency relative to principles of deposition

However, it must be in agreement with the facts of Earth history among the tens of thousands of specifics are:

(a) Sudden-drowned mammoths, numbering in millions on three continents, followed by sudden burial, compression and fossilization.
 (b) Sudden freezing of mammoths, numbering in millions on two continents, followed by sudden changes in paleoclimatology and permafrost conditions.
 (c) Implementation of Predictability. A satisfactory model must assist in, suggest, or even lead toward making further discoveries and observations, discoveries which in this case are historical in nature, since we are considering an historical event.
 (d) Fruitfulness of Thought. A satisfactory model should be meaningful to investigating persons. It should catalyze research, ignite thought, possibly direct or focus effort. It should open new avenues of knowledge.
 (e) Simplicity of Premise. A satisfactory model must contain a simple premise (in this case a simple astral crisis involving two approaches and a near capture, plus ice deposition).

The Effects of the cosmic catastrophe
for planet Earth!
 W. Patten © (7)
Model of the Flood Catastrophe
Type of celestial body which approached the earth1 A single astral body (with possible icy rings or satellites)

Mass of astral visitor2

Perhaps between .05 and .10 of the Earth, like Mercury (.054) But greater than the mass of Moon (.012)

  Orbit of astral visitor2

Density of astral visitor3

Between 3.0 and 6.0 of water (water=l) like the terrestrial planets
Earth     5.52; Mercury     5.46; Venus     5.06; Mars     4.12;
Moon (by Earth)      3.32

Astral visitor contained ice4

In icy satellites, or perhaps in icy rings

Volume of captured ice exceeded5

12,000,000 cubic miles

Ice approached the earth6

a. Due to the Earth's superior gravitational force
b. Deflected by the Earth's magnetic field (Van Alien belts)
c. And possibly due to a fragmentation of an approaching icy satellite

Glacial depositions on earth was7

a. Sudden (Mammoth's massif & suddenly death!)
b. Simultaneous with the gravitational chaos
c. During the initial stage only of the catastrophe (until ice reservoir was depleted)
Rather than
d. Gradually or uniformitarianly
e. Prior to gravitational interaction and tidal surges
f. During the entire period of gravitational interaction
g. After the gravitational interaction

Ice approached the earth8

a. As statically-charged icy particles
b. At extremely low temperatures (possibly within 100° of absolute zero)
Rather than
c. As uncharged icy particles
d. As meteor-like icy agglomerates or fragments

Duration of catastrophic period was9

a. Glacially, several weeks
b. Tidally, 150 days and nights
c. Astronomically, seven to eight months
d. In terms of Noah's voyage, one year from embarkation to debarkation

Dating of the  Ice Epoch catastrophe was approximated10 (Noah' Flood)

a. Approximately 4800 revolutions ago +/- 500 years
b. Approximately
2,800 B.C. +/- 500 years B. C!

The direction of the approach of the astral visitor was11

a. Probably in its approaching phase (to the Sun)
b. Probably in direct motion (counterclockwise as viewed from Polaris)

The speed of the approaching astral visitor was12

a. Increasing as it approached the Sun
b. Between 1.5 and 2.0 million miles per day (Earth's speed is 1.7 million miles per day)
Rather than
c. Below 1.5 million miles per day
Mars' daily speed is 1.3 million miles per day
Jupiter's is .7; Saturn's is .5; Uranus' is .37
Neptune's is .16

Manner of visitor's interaction with earth included13

a. Nearly a temporary capture
b. Two approaches
Rather than
c. A single grazing approach
d. A multiple grazing approach of a series of Visitors
e. A permanent capture

Closeness of approach14

Perhaps between 15,000 and 30,000 miles of Earth
(Moon approaches Earth to 221,000 miles)

Visitor's orbit during period of conflict included15

a. Perigee between 15,000 and 30,000 miles of Earth
b. Apogee between 1,200,000 and 1,500,000 miles of Earth
c. A period between approaches of 110 to 130 days

Escape of astral visitor was due to16

a. The Earth's control over the Visitor was short of capture
b. The Sun's greater control over the Visitor remained dominant
c. The velocity of the Astral Visitor made permanent capture difficult
d. The eccentricity of the Earth's orbit discouraged permanent capture
e. The secondary perturbations of the Moon discouraged permanent capture

Position of earth at time of onset of crisis was17

a. Three or four months after perihelion
b. Approaching aphelion

Perturbations of the visitor's orbit were due to18

a. The Earth-Moon system
b. Primarily by the Earth
Rather than
c. Primarily by the Moon

In this particular approach, due to its proximity, the visitor19

a. Used the Earth as a turn point!
Rather than
b. Using the Sun, as was normal
c. Using the Moon, which was too small

Duration of the catastrophic period was influenced by20

a. The perturbation of the Visitor caused by the Earth-Moon system
b. The shortening of its major axis
c. Its ejection from the Earth-Moon system at a velocity slightly greater than the Earth's orbital velocity
d. Its re-engagement with the Earth-Moon system upon passing aphelion

21 Position of the earth during second approach was21

One or two months after Earth's aphelion

Location of the visitor when subjected to lunar perturbations was22

Approximately one week from the Visitor's perigee

On the moon's orbit probably was23

a. To decrease its eccentricity (currently .055)
b. To decrease its period (currently 27+ days)
c. To increase its angle to the ecliptic (currently 5°)

The effect of catastrophe on Earth'...

Orbit probably was24

a. To decrease its orbital eccentricity (currently .017)
b. To decrease its period
c. To decrease its circumference
d. To reorganize the orientation of its orbital axis
e. To alter the dates of aphelion and perihelion
f. To alter the dates of the solstices
g. To alter the dates of the equinoxes

Was greater on the earth than on the moon because25

a. The Visitor approached closer to the Earth
b. The Earth had more magma to disrupt and more surface to distend
c. The Earth had oceans to disrupt
d. The Earth had atmosphere to disrupt
e. The Earth had fauna and flora to engulf in burial
f. The uplift of the lunar mountain ranges is attributable to the same kind of crisis!

Axis probably was26

a. To cause an increase in the inclination from the perpendicular to the ecliptic (currently 23 1/2°)
Rather than
b. To decrease the angle of the axis from the perpendicular to the ecliptic
c. To cause no change in the angle of the axis

Rotation probably was27

a. To increase the speed of the Earth's rotation
b. To shorten the day
Rather than
c. To reduce the speed of the Earth's rotation
d. To lengthen the day

Magnetic poles was28

To probably cause a relocation

Polar locations probably was29

a. To effect a shift in the location of the geographical poles
b. To cause a location shift of the poles in a magnitude of perhaps 2500 to 3000 miles
Rather than

c. To cause no relocation
d. To cause a mild relocation in terms of a few dozen miles
e. To cause a moderate relocation in terms of a few hundred miles

On the earth's mass was30

a. To increase it due to the capture of astral ice
b. To increase it in a proportion of 1 to 2 parts per 100,000

On the earth's crust was31

a. To cause an initial new zone of orogenetic uplift, the Circum-Pacific
b. To cause a second new zone of orogenetic uplift, the Alpine-Himalayan
c. To cause a bleeding of lava, forming new basaltic plateaus on several continents
d. To cause a rash of new volcanoes
e. To cause glacial scouring in the regions surrounding the magnetic poles
f. To cause burying and reburying of the former crust under sediments
g. To drown several hundred thousand square miles of crust eventually from melting astral ice.
Rather than
h. To duplicate an earlier zone of orogenetic uplift (such as the Appalachian-Caledonian-Her-zynian zone)
i. To leave the Earth unscarred

On the earth's hydrosphere was32

a. To increase the mass, approximately 12,000,000 cubic miles when the ice melted
b. To increase its mass in a proportion of 7 to 9 parts per 100
c. To ultimately raise mean sea level between 350 and 450 feet
d. To cause the flooding of the continental shelves
e. To cause an immediate decrease in the temperature of the Earth's oceans
f. To cause an eventual but marked increase in oceanic salinity due to the new climatologically regime featuring rain and rivers
Rather than
g. To cause a decrease in oceanic volumes
h. To cause an increase in oceanic temperature

On earth's atmosphere was33

a. To cause a complete condensing of the antediluvian canopy of water vapor (the primeval Greenhouse Effect)
b. To cause a modest reduction of mass (and barometric pressure) in a ratio of 5 to 10 parts per 100
c. To cause a new heat disequilibrium
d. To cause a new climatologically regime
e. To cause a reduced elevation of the ozone canopy
f. To cause a thinning of the ozone canopy

On the earth's fauna was34 (animals life)

a. To bury billions of specimens
b. To bring to extinction thousands of species
c. To cause a reorganization of zoogeography for those surviving species

On earth's flora was35(vegetation)

a. To bury trillions of specimens
b. To bring thousands of species to extinction
c. To cause a reorganization of the florigeography for the surviving species

On man (homo sapiens) was36

a. To make his survivors very very few in number
b. To make his survivors and their early generations very catastrophic-minded

Upon the visitor was37

a. To reduce the major axis of its orbit, hundreds of millions of miles and possibly trillions of miles
b. To bring it permanently into the Sun's inner domain
c. To separate it from its pre-existing icy satellites and/or icy rings

Upon the solar system was38

a. To reduce the eccentricity of two of its periodic members
b. To add one to the number of planets in the Sun's inner domain

On the milky-way galaxy was39

Not much
 On the universe was40 Even less


A preferred model has been presented which claims to describe a realistic view of Earth history. It claims to describe a view more realistic than that described by other possible models of cosmic catastrophes. It claims to describe a view more realistic than the various, normally vague propositions of uniformitarian cosmology.

This model further opens the way to conceiving an earlier catastrophe, possibly when the Earth became a dump or "void," and darkness may have been upon the face of the deep (Genesis 1:2). A possible earlier catastrophe, coupled by related evidences, might bring some interesting things to light regarding "paleozoic" events, events which purportedly required almost 400,000,000 years.

It does not suddenly make the Flood account in Genesis rational; that account has been rational for 5,000 years.

Celestial catastrophism in the 1st and 2nd millenniums B.C., if factual, does nothing to weaken our case concerning the mechanics of the Flood catastrophe; simultaneously it does nothing to weaken our case for a recent dating (2800 B.C.) of that (postdiluvian) catastrophe.

About the author Donald W. Patten & his scientifically written book!

Donald W. Patten, a geographer by training and lifelong interest, was born on November 11, 1929, in Conrad, a small town on the high plains of Montana near Glacier National Park. He entered the University of Montana in 1947 and engaged upon a series of studies including ancient history, ancient literature, climatology, genetics, geography, geomorphology, mathematics and philosophy.

While absorbing humanistic viewpoints, he also began to read the Bible, and to reflect upon its claims. In 1948, he experienced conversion to Biblical Christianity, and through a coincidence, was given pulpit duties as a student at a small, rural community church in the village of Lolo. Following his conversion, this further experience in lay preaching and teaching was a most profound influence in his young manhood, coming in the midst of his studies.

Mr. Patten received a B.A, in Geography from the University of Washington in 1951, and an M.A. in Geography in 1962. Mr. Patten and his wife Lorraine have one daughter and six sons.

The biblical flood and ice epoch was conceived in 1960, and has been generated by his interests in various fields of geography, history and science.

The Biblical Flood & The Ice Epoch

The author contends that, through the agency of astral principles, the Earth became engaged, or engulfed, in simultaneous gravitational upheavals and magnetic conflicts. There came with suddenness to our fragile, spiraling sphere, THE BIBLICAL FLOOD AND THE ICE EPOCH. Readers of this unique book will find a challenging and refreshing view of ancient catastrophism and its conclusion, Divine Creation, a subject of importance in this age of increasing intellectual rootlessness.

It is over and against the prevailing monopoly of uniformitarian thought (which proposes that oceans of time are necessary for anything and everything, both geologically and biologically) that Mr. Patten proposes his view of historical celestial crises, global catastrophes. Such catastrophes may explain many features about several planets. Such catastrophes, relative to the Earth-Moon system, explain the raising up of mountain ranges, sweeping across the face of the Earth in arcuate alignment, similar to the mountain patterns of the Moon.

This was achieved suddenly, and by tidal upheavals within the oceans (of centrifugally rotating lava) within the Earth's crust. Simultaneously, tidal upheavals engulfing the oceans raised tides of subcontinental dimensions on the Earth's crust, thus the historically recorded Deluge, or Flood.

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The biblical flood and ice epoch was conceived in 1960, and has been generated by his interests in various fields of geography, history and science.
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