Noah' Flood Disastor

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Old Testament's Catastrophism
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"Ancient Chinese knew Mars as 'the fire star!'  Sumerians thought Enlil (Mars) was the cause of the Great (Noahic) Flood.  Classical Greeks indicted Ares (Mars) as the 'bane of mortals.'  And the Romans saw Mars as the god of War.   ...Why?"



Noah' Flood Disastor





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  Catastrophism such as the Noah's flood...   Donald W. Patten ©
  The Viewing Of The Eruptions On Mars During Flybys (4)
  Conclusion I
The Hebrew angel of death and its wings! (Moses' time!)  
(by Donald W. Patten ©)(7)
  The time table of the Exodus Passover!
  A model of all of the 'march'- Mars flyby. (Figures 15 & 16)
  The march mars flyby during Passover!  Table
  Job On The Celestial Scenery During A Mars Flyby
(Ch. 4 Mars-Earth-Wars; W. Patten
  Conclusion II
  The fleece of Aries
  Those rampaging rivers were created by a spray of ice from space, from icy fragments of glacis.
  The ice ball glacis fragmented on the earth's Roche limit,... 
  The timing was simultaneous with the closest of the Mars flybys...
  The genesis of the short term icy comets!
  Mars approaching nearby, very nearby...!
  Thus it is that six planets all have suffered “Little Bangs”, nearby fragmentations...
  The cometary tail of mars exists in numerous accounts in ancient literatures!
  Icy comets were products of planetary catastrophism, not causes!
  The closest of all of the Mars flybys set the stage for seven events all at once. 
  One - Ninths --- Three Times  Calendar-Change!
  Isaiah and Sennacherib
  Iron also attracts lightning!
  Immediately following the blast of high voltage lightning as it came the killer shock wave
  Sennacherib had no business invading Judah or Egypt.
  Sennacherib wanted to destroy the armies of Egypt and to plunder the great riches of the land of the Nile
  A constant flow of electricity occurs in voltages
  The Aftermath
  Conclusion III
Figure 22 - Positions of Mars, Venus, and Earth
  Clue # 1 - The Moon And The Final Flyby Of Mars (11)
  The calculations for retro-calculating the Moon's position are as follows.
  The Mars-Earth Wars
  About the author Donald W. Patten & his scientifically written book!
  The Biblical Flood & The Ice Epoch. His earlier book...
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Catastrophism such as the Noah's flood

Catastrophism such as the Noah's flood has been clearly and consistently associated with Biblical doctrines! The Scriptural Books of Genesis and Job are similarly found to be correct with respect to Earth history! The writings' on the Biblical Flood; this is why it is essential to understand the nature of the Flood, as well as the scope of the effects! The fact remains that Genesis, remarkably good source material on Earth history! An reviewing of the ancient celestial motifs, and the Biblical story of a global Flood. An serious investigation of the circumstances of our solar system, and its neighboring stars is required! A reviewing of the structure of our fragile little sphere, as it spirals through galactic space.
Could this be a clue as to the Ice Epoch which engulfed the Earth at another time in the history of our solar system? The dating of the Ice Epoch Catastrophic is approximated
2,800 B.C. +/- 500 years!
Earth catches up with its neighbor 'Mars' and passes relatively close to it! The suspicion that planet
may have indeed interacted with the Earth, but rather may have been responsible for the primordial hydrocarboniferous catastrophic era!

The Viewing Of The Eruptions On Mars During Flybys (4)

Ancient Greeks reported sighting and also, perhaps, the timing the orbits of tiny Deimos and Phobos.  The three diameters of the fragment, Phobos, average 14.7 miles.  Three of the diameters of even littler Deimos average 7.90 miles.  Tiny or otherwise, nevertheless, the ancient Greeks did report seeing them, and apparently they (or more likely their Sumerian predecessors) named them.  Whether or not someone in ancient times observed and sketched their orbits!

Those furious, fiery eruptions on Mars, glowing in the dark, were perhaps a mile or two wide and were scores of miles long; some were over 100 miles long.  The flowing rivers of lava on Mars were longer if not wider than Deimos and Phobos.  And they started out white hot, and changed to yellow, orange, red and reddish black.  Deimos and Phobos are low in albedo (reflectivity).  Those rivers of lava probably glowed brighter than did the two satellites of Mars.

The caldera of Olympus Mons is 50 miles in diameter.  The diameters of Deimos and Phobos are 10 and 15 miles in diameter.  The caldera of Olympus Mons is almost 2,000 sq. miles in area.  This is three times the diameter of Phobos and five times the diameter of Deimos.  As the rivers of lava were longer than Deimos and Phobos, the calderas of the big four on Mars were wider also.  If Deimos and Phobos could be seen by Greek eyes, so could they.

On Olympus Mons, those glowing rivers of lava began at the caldera, the crater. Rivers of hot, incandescent lava flowed for up to 180 miles apparently in all directions down its sides and onto the plain beyond. If they were seen by ancient Greek eyes, were they also reported?

Conclusion I

Volcanic outflows comprise a measure of how much internal distress Mars experienced from flybys of the Earth and Venus. Paleomagnetic polarity reversals and 108-year cyclicism suggest how intensely and often Mars was squeezed? The astronomical history of Mars has been one of repeated, massive cosmic squeezes.

Perhaps the best comparison is the repeated firing of blast furnaces, daily producing fiery iron ingots. The difference between our blast furnaces and pouring of fiery iron and these blast furnaces of Mars is that on Mars, the magma was squeezed out of huge vents into huge rivers flowing up to 150 miles long across its cold surface.  At blast furnaces, liquid iron is poured into small heat resistant molds, a little at a time.

The vast, vicious, violent, voracious, volcanic flows from Mars (Olympus Mons, etc.) are testimony as to how energetic and also how numerous those planet skirmishes were.  The dating of the literature by Abraham and Job are testimony as to how repeated they were. A close analysis of chronological dates and flyby scenes can yield a 108-year cyclicism.  Testimony by Hesiod and Isaiah indicate how remote they were in time .... billions of minutes ago, 14.2 billions of them to be more or less precise.  .

Earlier, a foundation was laid to understand that the crust of Mars is somewhat thicker than the Earth's crust, being colder and being made of lighter materials.  It is more rigid, less elastic.  During Mars flybys, the Earth's crust could absorb some of its internal distress merely by elastic flexing of its crust (earthquakes).  But the primary mechanism of relief of internal distress was different for Mars; it was volcanism.

The sizes of the volcanoes on Mars indicate how dreadful was the internal distress which Mars suffered in the Catastrophic Age. Job, Hesiod and other ancients merely caught glimpses of Mar’s volcanism as it was erupting.

Story 8 of the catastrophic skyscraper is that during the Mars-Earth Wars, SUDDEN, MASSIVE INTERNAL DISTRESS WITHIN MARS WAS RELIEVED LARGELY THROUGH VOLCANISM.  Olympic Mons was the primary vent.  Ascraeus Mons, Arsia Mons and Pavonis Mons also were contributing vents, as were a dozen lesser volcanoes.  Once again to paraphrase Guthrie, the volcanoes of Mars are definitely high, wide and handsome. In comparison to them, Kilimanjaro and Popocatapetl, Etna and Ararat, are next to nothing.

There are numerous aspects to scenes painted by the ancients who saw the flybys and left records of their views. Words were used describing aspects of planetary catastrophism.  For instance, there are the eyes of Ares, red and bloodshot, flowing and glowing in the dark, spewing out clouds of smoke and streams of fiery fluid.  Those red “eyes,” glowing in the dark, probably were the calderas of Olympus, Arsia, Ascraeus, Pavonis, etc.

A review of Greek cosmo-mythology provides the one-eyed Cyclops, the evil Medusa, the speedy Perseus, the ugly Gorgons, the devastating Typhon, the swift Pegasus, the bloody Chrysaor, etc.  All were among the Greek archetypes of Mars. The Greeks had many nicknames for Ares for its various flybys.

The genesis of the massive volcanoes of Mars were planetary flybys of the Earth and Venus. These ordeals of Mars were repeating, were cyclic in 108-year cycles. It was the long series of squeeze plays put on Mars by its two neighbors, the Earth and Venus.

Story 9 is that, just like Deimos and Phobos, while these Martian volcanoes were near the Earth, erupting, THOSE ERUPTIONS WERE VISIBLE TO THE ANCIENTS. They were described, albeit in horrible, ugly terms, in the literatures of the ancients. Those scenes they described were not very pretty, but they were painted fairly accurately - often by eye witnesses.

The Hebrew "angel of death" and its wings    (7)
Moses' time!

When the Eastern Hemisphere of Mars faced the Sun, near perihelion, ices effervesced abundantly for 10 to 12-hour periods. But when Mars turned its Western, or non-icy hemisphere to the Sun, no ices effervesced. Thus the effervescing of ices from Mars occurred in a daily pattern, in twelve-hour waves. To the ancients in Egypt and Mexico, it occurred that those waves of effervescing ices in the cometary tail of Mars resembled flapping wings, as in bird wings.

Thus it was that the Egyptians of that era had their Phoenix birds, which came close once or twice per century, threatening destruction, and flew with a feathery tail flying.  The Mayans had their Quetzacoatl, also a fire bird.  The Chinese had their fire star, Mars, and with its cometary tail, it was a writhing dragon's tail in appearance!

The cometary tail of Mars was seen and described by the Hebrews in yet another way. Today, angels and cherubs are considered sweet, friendly apparitions, but not then. Angels were messengers of the Lord, and one of them brought death and destruction in its train.

Then the Earth shook and trembled; the foundation heaven moved and shook, because he was wroth.There went up a smoke out of his nostrils, and fire out of his mouth devoured: coals were kindled by it. He bowed the heavens also, and came down; and darkness was under his feet. and he rode upon a cherub and did fly: and he was seen upon the wings of the wind and he made darkness pavilions round about him, dark waters and thick clouds of the skies. Through the brightness before him were coals of fire kindled.The Lord thundered from heaven, and the most high uttered his voice. And he sent out arrows and scattered them; lightning, and discomfited them. And the channels of the sea appeared, the foundations of the world were discovered, at the rebuking of the Lord, at the blast of the breath of his nostrils. (2 Samuel 22:8-16; Psalm 18:7-15)

As was mentioned earlier, red was the color of the face of Mars especially when seen by Greeks through an Earth atmosphere, clouded with smoke from prairie fires, forest fires and volcanic ash. On the other hand, black was the color of the backside of Mars, as it rotated into its night time posture.

Is it by chance that these two colors, red and black, were the traditional colors of the religion of Baal, the Phoenician belief system. It was also the colors of the belief system of their colonists, in Carthage. They, like many others in their different ways, were first of all, Mars-worshipers. Second in their pantheon was Astarte, Venus. Following those two was the host of heaven, including Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, the Sun and the Moon.

The Hebrews were otherwise, or at least they were supposed to be otherwise, non-conformists if they followed the messages of Moses and the prophets. The Creator (and His creation), not the planets, were to be venerated! On this particular point, Abraham's faith departed radically from his Chaldean civilization, and from the teachings of his forefathers.

As Mars approached the Earth in a March flyby geometry, its tail followed it. Mars and its fleece looked like an approaching, onrushing whitish, yellowish, glistening pillar. But after it passed the Earth, its tail appeared more like a cloud, from the rear, with its tail visually engulfing its nucleus. 

On that night of March 20-21, Mars made a close flyby between the Earth and the Sun; the Moon was at full on the other side, out of the way.  Prime time that night was when the Western Hemisphere including the Mayans in Mexico faced Mars and the Sun. For the Hebrews in Egypt, the crisis hour of the flyby was during the night of the Near East.

The time table of the Exodus Passover!
Moses' time!



The timetable of the Exodus Catastrophe was roughly the following on that famous Passover night.  For the Hebrews, it was to be their last night of slavery in Egypt, and that next morning it was Independence Day for all the Hebrews that followed Moses. In space, Mars was advancing on the Earth at a velocity of 30,000 miles per hour!

A model of all of the 'march'- Mars flyby
Figures 15 & 16

All except the Final Flyby were sunny side flybys. Mars, with its cometary tail flying, crossed the Earth's orbit some 30 minutes ahead of the Earth.  Its tail swept across Mexico and the Western Hemisphere; within hours it began to sweep the Eastern Hemisphere also!

In Egypt it was night time at the minute of the Mars perigee, estimated at between 30,000 and 40,000 miles.  Richter scale 15 earthquakes rattled the bulge spot, the crust of the Caribbean, while Richter scale 13 and 14 earthquakes rattled the flat spot on the opposite side, including the crust of Egypt!

The cosmic scenery was splendid, if one could view it from a neighboring planet. Much structural damage and collapse occurred to Egyptian buildings. The experience was frightful. As Mars rose in the east on March 21, Moses gave the order to get going, now, Now, NOW!

They needed a head start, and somehow Moses knew it! The Hebrews fled the land of Goshen, the eastern part of the Nile delta, as fast as their livestock would allow.  It was almost as if Mars was a sign to get going, high overhead in the otherwise dark hours of the night!.

The next morning a few regiments of well-armed Egyptian chariots and cavalry set out to recapture the fleeing vassals, who had an eight or ten hour head start. The Hebrews as a group were able to move perhaps 3 or 4 miles per hour; the Egyptian charioteers were much faster.

BUT, about the time of the perigee of Mars, in the middle of the Egyptian night, Thera, an underwater, sub-surface volcano 60 miles north of Crete went into a major league explosion and eruption! It sent ash and cinders all over the Eastern Mediterranean. Next, its walls collapsing back into the Mediterranean Sea, it sent tidal waves 600 feet high sweeping across nearby Anaphi Island. Sixty miles to the south, the north coast of Crete and its Minoan Civilization suffered a 250-foot tidal wave, and the Minoan Civilization collapsed (never to rise again).

Some 450 miles away, on the coast of the flat, low Suez Isthmus, the tidal wave had abated to a mere 75 to 100 foot surge above sea level.  The pursuing Egyptian regiments with their chariots and cavalry were taking the low road, and were poorly positioned to cope with this sudden, watery envelopment.  Most of the charioteers were engulfed!

Moses, like Noah 1,000 years earlier, somehow foresaw something like this! Hence his indomitable and timely leadership. Like Noah, Moses credited to Ea, or Yahweh for the escape of the Hebrew slaves and their livestock.  On the other hand, the Egyptians suffered additionally to the night's earthquakes!

Egypt was downwind from Thera.  The next morning ash from Thera fell 10 or 20 inches thick across the delta, and this didn't help matters. The Egyptians blamed Horus and/or their Phoenix bird. The Greeks blamed Ares, and perhaps his offspring, Typhon, Perseus, Gorgon or Medussa.

The Phoenicians attributed this catastrophe to Baal, and sacrificed a special offering, a dispatch of an extra big batch of screaming infants to the fiery furnace of Baal, their idea of a propitiation. It was a rough night in the Near East, and it was even a rougher day in the Caribbean.  An approximate time line is as follows:




EVENTS &  Position of Planet Mars!

6:00 p.m. 

Mars 243,000 miles distant.  The Sun sets in March 20, 1445 B.C.E.  The incoming Mars did not yet set in the west until 9:00 p.m., and was brighter than the Moon.  The Moon was in full phase that night. The Hebrews prepare to celebrate a Seder, and get set to hightail it out of Egypt, with possessions including livestock. Their carts were getting loaded.

9:00 p.m.

Mars 132,000 miles distant.  Mars sets on the western horizon of Egypt.  Earthquakes commence with increasing intensity! The mostly submerged volcano Thera, 60 miles north of Crete, rumbles at an ominously level.

12:00 a.m.

PERIGEE.  Mars center is at 35,000 to 40,000 miles from the Earth's center.  Richter scale 14 and 15 damage the Western Hemisphere, closer to Mars.  Scale 12 and 13 earthquakes devastate Egypt, occurring especially severe about midnight, perigee for the angel of the Lord.  Electrical damage as well as heavier earthquake sweep across the Western Hemisphere.  Thera erupts in a major league eruption.  The wind is from the northwest, blowing toward Egypt.  Tides 100 feet high sweep many parts of the Caribbean Sea and the nearby Atlantic Ocean.

12:15 a.m.

Mars at 30,600 miles, and rises on Egypt's eastern horizon, and is perhaps 25 times brighter than the full Moon.  Earthquake and electrical damage wreak havoc in Mexico and the American Southwest.  Thera's volcanic crater walls collapse, creating seismic sea waves 600 feet high on nearby Anaphi Island.  Moses gives the order to go, now, Now, NOW. Arizona.  Putting as many miles as possible between his congregation and Egypt he deems essential.  Their route is out of the low lying Suez Isthmus and toward higher ground.

3:00 a.m.

Mars is leaving, now over 100,000 miles.  Mars-shine is still 20 times as bright as is Moonshine.  Earthquake activity is largely over in Egypt.  The Hebrew people, a mixed group, moves out at about 3 mph and now is 8 or 9 miles down the road to Elim.  Seismic sea waves from There smash 200 feet high across the northern coasts of Crete, destroying the Minoan civilization, which never rebounded.

6:00 a.m.

Mars is at 217,000 miles.  A smoky, ashy morning as ash from Thera, 10 to 20 inches thick, begins to fall across the Nile delta.  The Egyptians arise to assess the damage, and to bewail the dead, and find the Hebrews gone.  They are now about 15 miles down the road toward the wells of Elim.  Seismic sea waves 150 feet high in places begin to lash and pound the coast of Turkey and the coasts of the Greek mainland.  Mars is 10 times brighter than the full Moon.

9:00 a.m.

Mars at 301,000 miles.  Mars is 7 times as bright as is the full moon.  Pharaoh orders some regiments of cavalry and chariots to pursue the fleeing Hebrew vassals, vowing on them bloodshed and a heavier degree of slavery.  Thera's seismic sea wave spreads out across the Eastern Mediterranean at 50 to 60 mph, lessening in depth as it broadens.  The Hebrews are now weary and some 20 miles on their way to the wells of Elim as Egyptian cavalry and charioteers begin pursuit.

12:00 p.m.

Mars at 390,000 miles distant, and showed a disc still somewhat larger and brighter than the Moon.  The Egyptian cavalry takes the low road across the Suez Isthmus.  Ash and cinders from Thera blot out direct sunlight throughout the Nile Delta, as volcanic ejecta compounds the recovery from the ruin and devastation across the Nile Delta.  The Egyptian cavalry and charioteers are perhaps five miles behind the fleeing Hebrews, and the seismic sea wave crashes across the Mediterranean coast of Egypt, now only some 80 to 100 feet high, but still advancing 50 or 60 mph.  The Hebrews are 5 to 10 miles ahead of the Egyptian army, and many were wondering about into what kind of a mess Moses was leading them.  The seismic sea wave now was about 5 to 10 miles behind the pursuing Egyptian charioteers, still taking the fast, low road across the Isthmus.  Show time was about to begin, and the armed forces of Egypt had forgotten to bring their swim suits.  Show time was only minutes away.

3:00 p.m.

The Hebrews breathe easier, and Moses gives a prayer of thanks to YahwehMars was about 550,000 miles distant, and was a disc slightly smaller than the Moon, but it was still brighter, being more reflective!  The Moon would appear on the eastern horizon in three hours, and Mars, departing with its splendid cometary tail in six hours.  The momentary safety of Israel was now assured, and the people were breathing much easier.  Moses and Joshua now looked like marvelous leaders.  It was Independence Day for Israel, a day to be remembered for many reasons. Illustrated in Figures 15 and 16 is the celestial geography of the occasion.  Mars and it cometary tail would rise across their eastern horizon in about six hours.

And the Lord went before them by day in A PILLAR OF A CLOUD, to lead them the way; and by night in a pillar of fire, to give them light; to go by day and night; He took not away the pillar of the cloud by day, nor the pillar of fire by night, from before the people.  (Exodus 13:21-22)

The cometary tail of Mars that night was among the scars of Mars.  The erupting volcanoes visible on the surface of Mars were scars of Mars, as were erupting volcanoes on the surface of the Earth, and the consequent fallout of cinders and ash.

Seismic sea waves and huge tidal waves, that day were another of the scars of Mars, as were the earthquakes. The electrical damage that day was specific only to the facing hemisphere of the Earth, which happened to be the Western Hemisphere. The watery destruction that destroyed the Minoan Civilization on Crete also was among the scars of Mars!

It had been the most dramatic of all Passover nights, and Mars passed over!  This angel of the Lord was physical, spherical, with a cometary tail of effervescing ices, and had a mass 11% of the Earth's mass.  Being the Roman tubulustrium, it was a night of troublesome events.  Being the Hebrew Passover, it was Independence Day!

Job On The Celestial Scenery During A Mars Flyby
(Chapter 4 MarsEarthWars;
W. Patten ©)

Job lived during a serious Mars flyby time, he also probably saw the rivers of lava flow from the calderas of Olympus Mons, Arsia, Ascraeus and/or Pavonis Mons during the devastating flyby of his era, so damaging to his land of Uz.  The Book of Job describes an October case Mars flyby. Mars was the celestial dragon of the cosmos, going by the nickname of Leviathan, the serpent of the cosmos.  It was during the October Mars flyby of the 18th century B.C.E.  

They are joined one to another, they stick together, that they cannot be sundered.
By his sneezings a light doth shine, and his eyes are like the eyelids of the morning.
Out of his mouth go burning lamps, and sparks of fire leap out.
Out of his nostrils goeth smoke, as out of a seething pot or cauldron.
His breath kindleth coals, and a flame goeth out of his mouth.   (Job 41:17-21)

Apparently Job saw the volcanoes of Mars “awaken, like eyelids in the morning.  When viewed from the Earth, and through the Earth's ashy, hazy, smoky atmosphere, those flows of hot lava may have taken on a reddish hue, due to the vast volume of contaminants beclouding our planets’ atmosphere.  People who have fought forest fires have observed at noontime a blood-red Sun and/or Moon.

Conclusions II

The sizes of the volcanoes on Mars indicate how dreadful was the internal distress which Mars suffered in the Catastrophic Age.  Job, Hesiod and other ancients merely caught glimpses of Mar’s volcanism as it was erupting.

Sudden, massive internal distress within mars was relieved largely through volcanism! Olympic Mons was the primary vent.  Ascraeus Mons, Arsia Mons and Pavonis Mons also were contributing vents, as were a dozen lesser volcanoes.  Once again to paraphrase Guthrie, the volcanoes of Mars are definitely high, wide and handsome.  In comparison to them, Kilimanjaro and Popocatapetl, Etna and Ararat, are next to nothing.

There are numerous aspects to scenes painted by the ancients who saw the flybys and left records of their views.  Words were used describing aspects of planetary catastrophism.  For instance, there are the eyes of Ares, red and bloodshot, flowing and glowing in the dark, spewing out clouds of smoke and streams of fiery fluid.  Those red “eyes,” glowing in the dark, probably were the calderas of Olympus, Arsia, Ascraeus, Pavonis, etc.

A review of Greek cosmo-mythology provides the one-eyed Cyclops, the evil Medusa, the speedy Perseus, the ugly Gorgons, the devastating Typhon, the swift Pegasus, the bloody Chrysaor, etc.  All were among the Greek archetypes of Mars.  The Greeks had many nicknames for Ares for its various flybys.

The genesis of the massive volcanoes of Mars were planetary flybys of the Earth and Venus.  These ordeals of Mars were repeating, were cyclic in 108-year cycles.  It was the long series of squeeze plays put on Mars by its two neighbors, the Earth and Venus.

Just like Deimos and Phobos, while these Martian volcanoes were near the Earth, erupting, THOSE ERUPTIONS WERE VISIBLE TO THE ANCIENTS.  They were described, albeit in horrible, ugly terms, in the literatures of the ancients.  Those scenes they described were not very pretty, but they were painted fairly accurately - often by eye witnesses.

Many scars are physical, and others are mental, or psychological...

The fleece of Aries;

It was one of the scars of Mars, with ices effervescing from its Eastern Hemisphere in the former age and in its former, catastrophic orbit.  The “Wings of the angel of death” were the same visual reality. The angel of death, a very real angel, “Passed Over” the land of Egypt and lapped our planet. 

Those rampaging rivers were created by a spray of ice from space, from icy fragments of glacis.

There is a logical explanation for the dry river beds of Mars. Rampaging rivers once flowed there, but only for a day. Those rampaging rivers were created by a spray of ice from space, from icy fragments of glacis. The spray was across only the Eastern Hemisphere of Mars plus a tiny wedge of its Western Hemisphere.

The icy spray on Planet Mars was thousands of years after the rocky fragment spray by Astra, but not millions of years. That the icy spray was later is proved by some of the Martian craters, some with rampaging rivers flowing in one side of the crater, filling it up, and then flowing out the other side, same volume.  

The cause and the nature of the ice epoch on Planet Earth is a pivotal subject in the study of astral catastrophism! Once the nature and scope of the ice cataclysm is perceived, then astral catastrophism is easily recognized, and geophysical consequences, as they apply to Earth history, become apparent! (W. Patten © Noah's Flood 6)

Ç Figure 19! The location of the deposition of the ice dumps over its two magnetic polar regions on planet Earth is completely related to the remote astral origin and the manner of transport. It is also completely related to such factors as the geometry (conical shape) of the ice mass. It is similarly related to such factors as subsequent outflow, heat exchanges, heat equilibriums, subsequent melting, unearthly extremes in temperature of the ice, and in its sudden appearance! (W. Patten © Noah's Flood 6)

The Earth's subsequent gathering of ices from space in two ice dumps over its two magnetic polar regions! The Earth has suffered one, an icy one, less than 5,000 years ago!

The ice ball glacis fragmented on the earth's Roche limit,... 

...Spraying both planets simultaneously! Thus it is that the ices of the Martian lakes effervesced off into space! Those effervescing ices formed the cometary tail of Mars. Glacis was similar in composition and in size to the ice balls revolving around Saturn and Uranus, except it revolved around Mars.

The timing was simultaneous with the closest of the Mars flybys...

The most recent ice age of the Earth and the dry rampaging rivers beds of Mars are related, both in cause and in timing. The timing was simultaneous with the closest of the Mars flybys, and with the completion of the construction of Noah's Ark, 2484 B.C.E.

The genesis of the short term icy comets!

The shattering of Glacis on the Earth's Roche Limit is also the most logical explanation for The genesis of the short term icy comets! Such a hefty, recent icy spray is the most logical explanation for the survival of some short term icy comets to this time, 4,500 years later. In addition, it is the best explanation for the distribution of the short term comets in the Inner Solar System. Those fragments maintained much of the energy Mars had in its catastrophic orbit, allowing them to go out to 225,000,000 miles from the Sun.

Mars approaching nearby, very nearby...!

The genesis of the rampaging rivers of Mars, of the Earth's ice age and of the short term icy comets in space all occurred as products of one event on one day. It was the day Glacis shattered, some 11,000 miles from the Earth's center, with Mars approaching nearby, very nearby!

Thus it is that six planets all have suffered “Little Bangs”,
nearby fragmentations...

Thus it is that six planets all have suffered “Little Bangs”, nearby fragmentations.  Four experienced rocky debris, Neptune, Uranus, Jupiter and Mars, and of these four, Astra's fragmentation was the biggest little bang. Two experienced icy debris, Saturn being one and the flyby scene of Mars and Earth being the other.

Mars, our nearby neighbor, has suffered two fragmentations, one rocky and one icy!  The Earth has suffered one, an icy one, less than 5,000 years ago!

The cometary tail of mars exists in numerous accounts
in ancient literatures!

The cometary tail of Mars was the basis of the Egyptian story of its Phoenix Bird, with fiery feathers flying.  It was also basis of the story of the Mayan celestial bird, Quetzacoatl, fiery feathers also flying behind.

It was the basis for the dragon-like writhing tail of the Chinese fire star, Mars. Comparable mental scars have been left with other North American Indian tribes in their lores, as well as with the Vedic Indians of India.  All this is in addition to traditions of the Fleece of Aries and the Wings of the Angel of the Lord.

One potentially valuable lesson to be learned is that, based on escape velocities, Mars never has had life as we know it on its surface!  There is no water vapor, no oxygen and no growing season.  Using the premise of maybe finding ancient fossil life on Mars for a $4,000,000,000 grant for funding a space mission to Mars is a ploy.  It is a ruse, unworthy of use by scientists in getting funding for space programs.  Ruses often succeed in the short run, but they usually backfire in the long run.

Icy comets were products of planetary catastrophism,
not causes!

The popular Oort model for cometary genesis requires that somehow, icy comets relocated from the edge of the Sun's domain, 2+ light years distant, to the inner regions of the Solar System.  It may be popular, but it is without evidence. The more recent Clube-Napier model is somewhat better. It suggests that icy comets were involved and caused Earth catastrophes in the era of recorded history.  But icy comets were products of planetary catastrophism, not causes!

In the Exodus catastrophe, it was Mars, not its cometary tail, that did the damage!

Ice balls were delivered to the Solar System by being towed satellites of planets like Jupiter and Saturn, which Little Brother delivered to the Sun. One, Glacis, revolving around Mars, made it into the inner Solar System, co-orbiting with Mars until the day it fragmented.

The closest of all of the Mars flybys set the stage
for seven events all at once.

They were:

1. The shattering of Glaci!,
2. The rampaging rivers of Mars!
3. The sudden rain accompanying
Noah's Flood!
4. The Earth's subsequent gathering of ices from space in two ice dumps over its two magnetic polar regions!
5. The genesis of the close in, short term icy comets!
6. The cometary tail
Mars once had in ancient times!
7. Monster tides (tsunamis) in the Indian Ocean which floated the Ark of Noah into the mountainous terrain of Inner Asia!

That is a lot of achievement for one small 500 or 600-mile ice ball.

Somehow, like Noah and Isaiah, Moses was prescient, and had foresight, omniscience with regard to the future! This enabled him to be the indomitable, foresighted leader that, like Noah and Isaiah, he became.   

(9) One - Ninths --- Three Times
Calendar Change!



A)  Mars, at .107 mass. is about one-ninth the mass of the Earth. The Moon, at a mass of .0123, is 1/81th of the mass of the Earth.

B)  Thus the Moon also happens to be about one-ninth of the mass of Mars, one part in 8.7. In the Catastrophic Era, it calculates that the Moon was about 241,900 miles from the Earth.  This relationship was invaded, and permanently changed, during the last Mars flyby. However, according to this model, Mars passed through the Earth-Moon system much closer (about eight times closer) to the Earth as to the Moon.

Resonance studies indicate that in the Catastrophic Era, except for the last flyby, all of the 100+ Mars flybys were on the inside, or sunny side of the Earth's orbit! Only the last Mars flyby was unique, on the outside, or night side!

C)  It calculates out that, planet center to center, at its closest, Mars was about 27,000 miles from Earth, and simultaneously 214,000 miles from the Moon. Thus, the Mars flyby was at one ninth of the distance between the Earth and the Moon. (Picture: Planet Mars [)

The ancients noticed these changed conditions after 701 B.C.E., and soon realized their 30-day lunar calendars were next to useless. Despite evidence, the leaders of 20th century gradualism have rejected the idea of ancient 360-day calendars. This is because they would also have to accept a sudden change in the distance of the Earth to the Sun, and its causing factor, a Mars flyby. For the same reason, those leaders cannot accept a change in the Moon's ancient distance from our planet.
(Ç Picture (Nasa): From service of Planet Mars, planet Earth)

In ancient society after society, there was a clamor by farmers, sailors and mathematicians for corrected calendars.  There was a need in Egypt to revise the calendar. The Egyptian astronomical society, met in Canopus in 238 B.C.E., to create a better calendar. Their conclusion was called the Canopus Decree, and it led to a revised 365-day calendar for Egypt.

It was a revision of two earlier Egyptian calendars. One earlier calendar was related to the Earth's spin rate, their 360-day calendar. The other ancient Egyptian calendar was related to the orbit of Venus, in an era when five Earth orbits equaled precisely eight Venus orbits. The Venus calendar of the ancient Egyptians had been the more accurate of the two Egyptian calendars in that era.

Isaiah and Sennacherib

Isaiah, like Hesiod, was a reporter of the last cosmic waltz. Among his predictions were forecasts of [high voltage] crashing cosmic lightning discharges, gigantic killer shock waves, terrible claps of thunder [heard for thousands of miles], rocking earthquakes, vigorous volcanic eruptions and an unsettling of the cardinal directions, hence a spin axis relocation. All of these had occurred during the flyby of Mars of 756 B.C.E., perhaps when Isaiah was a child observer.

The earth is utterly broken down, the earth is clean dissolved, the earth is moved exceedingly. The earth shall reel to and fro like a drunkard and shall be removed like a [summer] cottage. (Isaiah 24: 19-20)

Drunkards reeled; so could the spin axis of the Earth. Summer cottages could be easily relocated with a pair of staves and a sextet of pole carriers. So also, the North Pole, the South Pole and the equator were relocated. Isaiah had it right. It was somewhat of a repeat of the 756 B.C.E. catastrophe, except it was on a Passover anniversary in the spring. It was at night rather than during the daytime. But his language was good for the Hebrews of his era, though it was not well tailored for modern science!

Isaiah first predicted, and then reported on the next day after the Final Flyby, as if “the spin axis had shifted.” Isaiah reported it in a factual manner for the citizens of Jerusalem. He recorded the shadow on the Jerusalem Sun Dial shortened “10°.” Someone had measured the new shadow versus the previous shadow, probably as cast at noon, at the Sun's zenith.

The standard of measure he used was lost by the Jews after their Babylonian Captivity, when they lost their Hebrew language. So, translators, in Hebrew, Latin and English, have guessed and selected the English word “degrees.”

Probably the original term related to 'a measurement of angles'. The new versus the old angle was measured and the shadow was shorter. Apparent the shadow was ten “short cubits” shorter, our educated guess. And the obelisk was perhaps 75 feet high, again a guess. Angles and degrees are related and this job of translation is fairly good.

Sennacherib's astrologers, close to the throne, had advised him that the Assyrian army ought be stationed outside Jerusalem at least by our date of March 20. On that night, earthquakes would test the defensive walls, and perhaps shatter them, or at least damage them. And one bolt of cosmic lightning from the Assyrian Nergal (the Chaldean Bel, the Greek Ares) might turn the Holy city into a flaming holocaust. Thus, Sennacherib's astrologers recommended taking Jerusalem the easy way, enlisting assistance from Nergal-on-high.  

With this vast army Sennacherib hastened onward, in accordance with the disclosures of the astrologers, who warned him that he would fail in his object of capturing Jerusalem if he arrive there later than the day set by them.

The Jewish Talmud also records the scenery and the dramatic history of that unusual and pivotal night! Sennacherib wanted to capture Jerusalem, either by surrender or by sack. If by sack, it meant the total slaughter of Jerusalem's inhabitants, a holocaust, Nazi-like, including all stray pets. If Jerusalem was taken by surrender, it meant deportation of the surviving populace to a cold, remote northern land, the land of the Volga, Southern Russia, 1,000 miles, or elsewhere in cities of remote Inner Asia.

King Hezekiah anguished over Sennacherib's terms of surrender, and asked for Isaiah's advice. Isaiah advised faith and resistance; the Lord would deliver Jerusalem. Taking Isaiah's advice, Hezekiah resisted, a chancy decision indeed in light of the record of Assyrian annihilation of cities elsewhere in the Near East.

The “Senna” part of Sennacherib's name means “the Moon.” The “cherib” part of his name in Semitic languages is another word, as shall be demonstrated, for “the cosmic marauder, or Mars.” The translation in English is “cherub,” which was a destructive angel or messenger of the Lord. Those same two celestial bodies (Mars and the Moon) “by chance” were the two bodies whose orbits were reduced in diameter that very night!

That night, March 20, 701 B.C.E., Sennacherib's well-armed panzer, with their ample iron armor, were on schedule, and on duty, camped outside the western wall of the city, some 250,000 strongSennacherib's terms, as usual, were “either-or”.  It was either (1) to surrender the city and accept deportation of the entire populace into a far away land, abandoning forever the land of Israel, or (2) to suffer total annihilation. No more children of Israel. It was reminiscent of Hitler's style.

In the Bible, the events of that night are found in the Book of Isaiah, chapter 38, and in two other places of the Old Testament, in II Kings and in II Chronicles. Further description at greater length has been recorded in the Talmud, cited as follows.

The archangel Gabriel, sent by God to ripen the fruits of the field, was charged to address himself to the task of making away with the Assyrians, ...

The death of the Assyrians happened when the angel permitted them to hear the “song of the celestials.”  Their souls were burnt, though their garments remained intact. [n13]

Hezekiah and Isaiah were in the Temple when the host of the Assyrians approached Jerusalem; a fire arose from amidst them, which burned Sennacherib and consumed his host.

See Tehellim 22, 180.  The burning of Sennacherib is not to be taken literally. [n14]

“That day” was the night of March 20-21, when a close flyby of Mars would create subcrustal tides, crustal earth shocks, volcanic upheaval and interplanetary mega-thousand volt electrical discharges on the Earth's surface! Sennacherib accepted the advice of his astrologers and was there on schedule, with his abundant arsenal of armor, much of it made of Hittite iron.

Iron also attracts lightning!

Iron is superior in hardness to other metals, important for military purposes. But, as Benjamin Franklin discovered, iron also attracts lightning, and therefore it is an excellent material for manufacturing lightning rods. An arsenal of iron armor makes an even better attraction than does a handful of iron weapons. Iron's magnetic properties were not realized by either the Assyrians or Hebrews, the Greeks, the Trojans or the Romans. It is understood only by modern scientists and their students.

The ancient rabbinical commentators wrote for the benefit of later scholars, and to our modern age of gradualism. Later Hebrews lost the ancient literal perspective of catastrophes, having never seen one, and having lost the original Hebrew language. Never would they experience interplanetary electrical discharges, on scales of 220 volts, much less on scales of 10,000 to 50,000 volts. Therefore they tendered that the burning of Sennacherib on one side of his face “was not to be taken literally.” They were mistaken. This blast in some ways was like a small atomic bomb!

There were some eight or nine kinds of electrical effects and phenomena that occurred during March flybys. The Earth's geomagnetic field swept across the cosmos and briefly, for 10 to 20 hours, united in space with the planetary magnetic field of Ares, or Mars. [n15]

The ancient, but post Babylonian rabbinical commentators were trying admirably, but came not even close to an understanding. Thus they rationalized that the lightning blast which originated from the surfaces of Mars and the Earth instead originated in the Earth's troposphere, or its stratosphere. Actually their ancient, original sources had been quite correct, and they ought to have been taken literally, without an added disclaimer!

Sanhedrin 95b, and similarly Jerome on Is. 10.3. The latter states that Jewish tradition considers Hamon, “noise” (comp. Isaiah 33.3), to be the name of the angel Gabriel. This is corroborated by Aggadat Shir 5, 39. According to Sanhedrin, the angel clapped together his wings, and the noise caused by it was so terrific that the Assyrians gave up their ghosts. Another view given in Sanhedrin is that the angel blew out the breath of the Assyrians. This means that he took their souls without injuring their bodies.   [n16]

Immediately following the blast of high voltage lightning as it came the killer shock wave!

In response to the high voltage lightning strike, there was a killer shock wave. Apparently there was a flash somewhat comparable to a small atomic bomb. Sennacherib himself was reported as being a survivor, but with burns - flash burns, perhaps on one side, like Hiroshima!

Immediately following the blast of lightning came the killer shock wave. Traveling in the Earth's atmosphere, it was heard for thousands of miles, perhaps as far as the Western Hemisphere. The celestial lightning had struck, but not in the citadel of Jerusalem, as it might have; it struck Assyrian heavy iron armor!

In three separate citations in the Bible, (Isaiah 38, II Kings and II Chronicles), the mortality count was recorded by that one monumental, massive, memorable nocturnal blast just outside Jerusalem - 185,000 dead Assyrian troops!  What was left of the scared and scorched Assyrian army beat a hasty retreat to Nineveh. There, Sennacherib, burned and a big loser, was assassinated!

Thus it was that the “angel Gabriel,” a destructive and dreaded messenger of the Lord indeed, delivered Jerusalem! It had happened once again. Something similar had occurred on the Long Day of Joshua, some 701+ [or 702] years earlier.  [October, 1404 B.C.E.].

Something similar had happened in the years 1296, 1188, 1080, 972, 864, 756 B.C.E. and a half cycle later, in March of 701 B.C.E.]. Catastrophes were in 108-year cycles, as if they had something to do with Jupiter as well as with Mars. (The Earth was in 12:1 resonance with Jupiter, and l08 is divisible by 9). Thus Jupiter was always at the same place in the cosmos when catastrophes hit!

The above citations and others uncited ones in the Talmud indicate there was a record of the “deliverance’s” although not well understood. Sennacherib's song, a rabbinical theological version of the deliverance of Jerusalem, and the final flyby, are all one, describing the last waltz of Mars and the Earth.

Sennacherib had no business invading Judah or Egypt.

The scientific version of 20th century planetary catastrophism is that first of all, Sennacherib had no business invading Judah or Egypt. He had no business uprooting and deporting entire populations, ethnic cleansing, which had occurred to Northern Israel and other populations elsewhere the Assyrian Empire. But that is by our contemporary standards, not his.

Further, if he went ahead anyhow, Sennacherib had no business ever centralizing his iron armor in his encampment. Especially he should not centralize his iron armor anywhere in a year and in a month and week when the Assyrian “angel of the Lord,” Nergal by name, was to make a close Nergal flyby.

Clearly the approaching “angel” or “messenger of the Lord” was visible and it was on schedule according to both Assyrian astrologers and Isaiah. It was on the anniversary of the Hebrew Passover, and earlier catastrophes, such as the Exodus event, also the Sodom-Gomorrah event.

 Sennacherib wanted to destroy the armies of Egypt and to plunder the great riches of the land of the Nile

Sennacherib's basic problem appears to have been lust and egotism; he wanted to destroy the armies of Egypt and to plunder the great riches of the land of the Nile. Jerusalem was merely a burr in his saddle on the way, but what a burr.

A constant flow of electricity occurs in voltages

In our era, ongoing tidal friction within Jupiter creates discharges from Jupiter all the way to the surface of nearby Io, 260,000 miles away. A constant flow of electricity occurs in voltages up to 400,000 - and some 5,000,000 amps - 2,000,000,000,000 (two trillion) watts. This voltage between Io and Jupiter equals 70 X all of the human electrical generating capacity on the Earth!

By comparison that night, Mars was distributing (by Io standards) electrical discharges across only some 27,000 to 50,000 miles of space. The discharges were scattered broadly across the face of the Eastern Hemisphere that night. Perhaps those discharges were a mere 50,000 or 75,000 volts, or perhaps they were of a higher voltage. That Troy had been hit sometimes is established by the way its mortar is fused in its city walls. No other explanation suffices. Until more research is done, their various voltages are unknown.

Sennacherib's army was a casualty. It was much like the Greek army, 162+ years earlier, which had suffered heavy casualties from celestial fire just outside the walls of Troy on schedule, on October 24, 864 B.C.E.

Perhaps this particular bolt in 701 B.C.E. was destined generally to discharge somewhere in the land of Israel, even possibly near Jerusalem. But (thanks be to Sennacherib) it honed in on the fine Assyrian concentration of Hittite iron armor instead, an arsenal of lightning rods.

The aftermath

In the aftermath of the discharge, the first job was to bury the dead, a big job! Next, the good news, very good news indeed, was sent out far and wide. Scientific types of the late 8th century B.C.E. and early 7th century B.C.E. came from far and wide to inspect the meltdown of iron armor and the crater left at the point of the discharge. There was a small raised mound left at the very center of where the lightning discharged. (So it is with craters on Venus today).

Isaiah became famous as a great prophet, one of the greatest Israel ever had. Hezekiah acquired the reputation as a great and wise king, which he was.

Among the visiting scientific groups was one from Babylon, from some 700 miles to the east. The chairman was one Merodach-baladan, the son of the king of Babylon, Baladan. Baladan, the king was named after Bel, the Chaldean Ares.

Merodach was named after the Babylonian deity Marduk, Jupiter. Thus the name of the prince, Merodach Baladan means “Jupiter-Mars,” or perhaps “Jupiter father of Mars.” King Belshazzar and the studious Belteshazzar had been named after Mars; Nebuchadnezzar was named after fast-moving Mercury. In Chaldea, naming royalty after the planets was in vogue in the Catastrophic Era.

In this age of gradualism in the cosmos, nobody names their son Mercury, Mars or Jupiter. Only rarely in this culture is a baby daughter named “Venus.” But when this does happen, the position of Venus in the cosmos is hardly what the parents have in mind.

In the centuries after this event, some like Heroditus explained the Assyrian debacle as a sudden plague of flea-infested mice or rats, bringing biological disaster to the Assyrian camp in a single night. It was a sincere try, but not a very good one.

Many theologians stick with Heroditus and his mice and fleas with bubonic plague for their explanations. None of them have had the proper base of knowledge to comment.

A few months, even years earlier before the Final Flyby, there were recorded vignettes from what the prophet Isaiah had foreseen and forecast:  

Thou shalt be visited of the Lord of hosts with thunder, and with earthquake, and great noise, with storm and tempest, and the flame of devouring fire.- (Isaiah 29:6)
I will sweep with the besom of destruction, saith the Lord of hosts.  - (Isaiah 14:23)

It is well known that Isaiah credited the Lord, God of Israel, with their collective good fortune. Apparently the Lord had provided Isaiah with some kind of precognition of what would happen, and why Hezekiah should refuse to surrender. Isaiah told his king that danger indeed was coming but it was danger to the Assyrians, not a danger to the Hebrews. Isaiah's precognition was shades of Noah’s, precognition, almost 1800 years earlier!

Conclusion III

A logical pattern of energy shifts is offered for the energy conversion of Mars from its Catastrophic Era orbit to its modern orbit.

Story 26 is that the year 701 B.C.E. featured two flybys, first, Mars-Venus, and shortly thereafter, mars-earth!  The first flyby of Venus by Mars was on January 22, 701 B.C.E. The second flyby was on the night of March 21, also 701 B.C.  This was only 56 to 58 days later. The energy Mars gained from the first flyby is why Mars went into an orbit farther out, and it went on the wrong side of the Earth during the second flyby. The first flyby was approximately 48% as energetic as the second. This first time, Mars gained energy; it was an exchange. Venus lost an equal amount of energy!

Story 27 is that of the second flyby, the final waltz, which was the more energetic of the two flybys. Mars passed between the Earth and the full Moon, on the Earth's outside, or dark side. This occasion increased the Earth's orbital distance from the Sun by 616,565 miles. Our planet's spin rate increased 0.452% (360 to 36l.628). Its period increased 1.003% (361.628 to 365.256).  The combination of the two resulted in an increase of 1.46% in day count per year (360 to 365.256).

Story 28 is that the moon also departed from its earlier 12:1 resonance and 30-day period. Its new orbit became 29.53 new days rather than the old count of 30.

This chapter addresses the shortening of the semi-major axis of the three bodies, Venus, Mars and the Moon. 

Story 29 demonstrates how and when the earth's orbit enlarged from a 360-day old orbit condition to a 365.256-day new orbit condition. Simultaneously, the Moon's lunation, or synodical period shrunk from a 30-day period to 29.53 days. 

Tables XI, in this chapter, and XII and XIII, in chapter 11, indicate that these shifts were in accord with celestial mechanics.

Story 30 demonstrates how the period of the orbit of mars shrunk from the former 723.257-day condition (old days) to the modern 686.979-day condition. This is a major reduction in period of 5.016%.  This reduction in the energy of Mars was attributable primarily to the Earth.  The three planets causing the new orbit of Mars and their energy exchange were:

Venus (- 184.22%)
 Earth (+284.22%)
 Jupiter (+ 0%) 

This is an indication as to how intense, or astronomically passionate was the final Mars-Earth waltz.



The earth shall reel to and fro like a drunkard, and shall be removed like a cottage; and the transgression thereof shall be heavy upon it; and it shall fall, and not rise again. (Isaiah 24:20; KJV) 
Behold, I will bring again the shadow of the degrees, which is gone down in the sun dial of Ahaz, ten degrees backward. So the sun returned ten degrees, by which degrees it was gone down. (Isaiah 38:8; KJV) 

By comparison, the Earth's orbit enlarged from 361.628 new days (or 360 old days) to 365.256 new days, an increase of only 1.003%.  Mars, in stage # 2, lost just as much energy as the Earth gained. The Earth's orbit expanded 616,565 miles in its “x” axis.  In the Martian “x” axis, there was a reduction by 15,015,507 miles. This was because tiny Mars has only one-ninth of the Earth's mass.

The orbit of Venus shrunk from 226.018 days to 224.700 days, a shrinkage in period of 0.58%.  The Mars-Venus flyby featured Mars on the inside. Venus is smaller than the Earth, and the flyby of Mars wasn't quite as close. The Mars-Venus polka was only 64.82% as energetic, as passionate astronomically, as was the last Mars-Earth waltz. Half of this story of exchanges is now completed, the energy exchanges.

Story 31 is that both the Book of Isaiah and Hesiod's “The Shield of Herakles” were written in the aftermath of both the final fling of mars with Venus, and the final waltz of Mars with the Earth.

Add to this Hesiod's “Theogony” and the writings of Apollodorus, plus those of the “fire and brimstone prophets” Amos, Joel, Micah, etc.  Other materials include Homer, Ovid, Plutarch and others not discussed here in detail. Vignettes only from Hesiod and Isaiah have been incorporated to widen the perspective of general readers, scientists, historians, geologists, archaeologists and theologians, among others.

Story 32 is the nature of the demise of Sennacherib's army, and of the survival of Jerusalem.  Jerusalem survived the onslaught of the Assyrians, spearheaded by Sennacherib's panzer of 701 B.C.E. Loosely speaking, the crisis night was a near carbon copy of goings on during the Long Day of Joshua, 700 years earlier.  At that time, also via catastrophism, the Hebrews had been spared and had triumphed over the larger, well-armed armies of a Canaanite alliance.

The 20th century, and soon the 21st century, is fortunate to have the records of these two such eye witness reporters of that celestial scene. One was from just outside Athens, and the other from inside Jerusalem. The reports of both deserve careful analysis. As was mentioned above, other writers of the era, Greek, Hebrew and beyond, who described catastrophism, also merit attention.

Story 33 is that there also was a modest, inward shift in the orbit of Venus during late January of the catastrophic year 701 B.C.E.  The inward shift of Venus plus the outward shift of the Earth spelled the doom of the ancient Egyptian Venus calendar! The slight increase in the Earth's spin rate coupled with an enlarged orbit insured the doom of the 360-day calendars.


Figure 22 - Positions of Mars, Venus, and Earth on the Eve
of the Mars-Venus Polka, Approximately January 23, 701 B.C.E.


Clue # 1 - The Moon And The Final Flyby Of Mars (11)

This model states that the Moon's position was at “full moon” during the Final Flyby on the night of March 20, 701 B.C.E. It was the Hebrew Passover, and the Moon always was full on Passover nights. On the Hebrew Nisan calendar, it was Friday, the 13th of Nisan, our night of March 20! According to ancient Hebrew literature, each of the twelve months had 30 days! The night of the 7th was always a new moon, and the night of each “Passover” was always during the full moon in the month of Nisan.

This catastrophic flyby was on the anniversary of a long series of anniversaries of “unlucky” Friday the 13ths.  In the modern era, the myth of bad experiences of this particular night, Friday the 13th, comes down to our age through Hebrew folklore! It was in an era when cosmic developments of that night really were a bad experience.

The Irish are not to be easily outdone. Another theme, the Halloween theme, a late October flyby theme, fairly similar, has been passed down from the ancient Celtic druids of Ireland and Great Britain. This type of flyby coincided with the October case flybys, October 24.

Recently the phase of the Moon was again at full on December 6, 1995. This is 2,700 years lacking a few months of the Final Flyby. According to the model, prior to the Final Mars Flyby, the Moon's orbit was in 12:1 resonance with the Earth's old orbit, and 30 days comprised an old month as did 360 days comprise a year!

According to the model, the Moon was about 242,000 miles from the Earth.  The period of the Moon suddenly contracted to 29.53059 days and its average distance became 238,860 miles.

Its new orbit, and orbital period were established, according to the model, on the day immediately after the Mars Flyby, on March 22, 701 B.C.E., as Mars swept through the Earth-Moon system, between the two. The red planet came about eight times closer to the Earth, at 27,000 miles, than to the Moon, at 215,000 miles.

In this close flyby, the Fire Star, Ares, pulled the Earth-Moon system out over 690,000 miles.  Simultaneously Ares, bane of mortals, pulled the Moon inward, closer to the Earth, by about 3,000 miles.

The Moon's position can be retro-calculated backward to March 20, 701 B.C.E.  When doing this, it is important to know whether the year for “zero” between B.C.E. and AD is counted. Some do it one way; some the other.  Usually, it is not counted, as is the case here. Further, in calculations, it is necessary to include an error, a four-year error, made by medieval monks.

The Dionysius exiguous factor. Dionysius Exiguus was a medieval monk, who was given the task of resolving a calendar dispute as to the proper date for Easter. Later research revealed Dionysius had missed four years in assessing the year of Christ's birth. Many centuries before this error was identified, his dating system for history had come to be accepted.

His error was not revised, in order to minimize confusion! By the time his error was realized, the sequencing of historical dates for the Roman Empire and for early Christianity had long ago become too widely accepted. So Dionysius' dates were kept, and mankind was left with a quixotic system. The accepted system cites that Christ was born in 4 B.C.E., seemingly an impossibility. Inclusion of the Dionysius factor is essential in any careful analysis.

    The calculations for retro-calculating the Moon's position are as follows.

1. March 21, 701 B.C.E. to March 20 1 B.C.E.

700 years

2. March 21, 1 B.C. to March 20, 1 AD

1 year

3. March 21, 1 AD to March 20, 1995

1994 years

4. March 21, 1995 to December 6, 1995

260 days

5. Add 4 years for Dionysius Exiguus

4 years


2,699 years 260 days

The time lapse 2,699 years and 260 days is also 2699.7118 years, which also is 986,087 days. The Moon's modern period is 29.53059 (synodic). This day count, 986,087 days, when divided by 29.53059, determines where the Moon was on the night of the Final Waltz. Between these dates, both full moons according to the model, the Moon has made 33,392.05 orbits. The full moon enjoyed on December 6, 1995 was the 33,391-st full moon since the night of the Final Flyby.

Retro-calculating the position of the Moon to March 21, 701 B.C.E. agrees with the model to within .05 of a day, virtually to the hour. It also agrees with the ancient Jewish calendar to .05 of a day.  Were this agreement be mere chance, be mere “coincidence”, it would be one chance in 30. Such a coincidence is entirely possible. Whether or not it is “probable” depends on the evidence quality in the other eleven clues.


Were the Bible organized chronologically, the first book listed would be the Book of Job.  Some of its more intriguing discussions are on ancient cosmology:

Canst thou bring forth Mazzaroth in his season?  or canst thou guide Arcturus with his sons?

Knowest thou the ordinances of heaven?  canst thou set the dominion thereof in the earth?  (Job 38:32-33)


The English word translated “Arcturus” is from Latin, and probably is Greek in origin.  In Hebrew, the word translated “Arcturus” is 'ayish or 'ash, which seems to be the old Hebrew word for the red planet, Mars.  When the adjective 'mah (the great, the mighty) is added to 'ayish, it becomes 'mah 'ayish, “the great Mars,” or “the mighty Mars.”


In Hebrew, “retet” and “retheth” are words for terror, trembling.  “Mizrach” means “from the east,” or from the direction of sunrise.  Thus “mazza-retheth”, or Mazzaroth, meant “the terror from the east,” that is, from where the Sun rises, the celestial east in space.  (Since the Earth rotates from west to east, all planets and stars rise in the east.)

“Arcturus,” in Hebrew, 'ayish, is almost certainly a planet, not a constellation. Constellations do not have sons or satellites, and distant stars do not have binary partners that were visible to the naked eye.

The number of “sons” or satellites of 'ayish is not cited in the Book of Job, but “two” is an excellent guess.  Elsewhere in an obscure Talmudic passage, the count of two is cited for the sons of Arcturus. The Hebrew word “aur” is cognate with the earlier Sanskrit word for Mars, “ayish”.

If it is granted that Swift was privy to a copy of an ancient Chinese sketch of Mars and its two moons, there becomes three ancient places as sources for the two moons of Mars, not one (Greek sources).  One source might be in a pictographic language, the “Fire Star,” the Chinese source. The second is a Greek source; Greek is an Indo-European language that eventually was alphabetized. The third source is a source from the ancient Semitic family of languages, the 38th chapter of the Book of Job.

It is the suspicion of the authors that “Arcturus and his sons” as a translation was just an ancient translator's guess.  A better rendition would be “Mars and its two satellites,” or alternately, “Ares and its two steeds.”

If and when the missing clue surfaces, a suspected sketch of Mars, it will make three ancient sources from three ancient languages for the orbiting Deimos and Phobos.  It will also create “panic and terror” in gradualism's cosmology.

Earlier, the chance of “coincidence” was calculated at one possibility in two decillion.  The chance that some form of an ancient Chinese sketch will turn up is much better. A search should be put on in archives of Peking, Paris, the Vatican, monasteries of Belgium and Germany and the British Museum, London, with attention given to the papers of Edmund Halley, Isaac Newton, Alexander Pope, Dr. Hans Sloane and Jonathan Swift.

If such a search is successful, Marsographers and planetary catastrophists should not be surprised!

The Mars-Earth Wars
(Ending 701 B.C.E.)

by  Donald W. Patten &  Samuel R. Windsor

Copyright 1996, 2003
Pacific Meridian Publishing Co.
13540 39th Ave. N.E.
Seattle, WA 98125 USA

"Ancient Chinese knew Mars as 'the fire star.'  Sumerians thought Enlil (Mars) was the cause of the Great Flood.  Classical Greeks indicted Ares (Mars) as the 'bane of mortals.'  And the Romans saw Mars as the God of War.   ...Why?"

About the author Donald W. Patten & his scientifically written book!

Donald W. Patten, a geographer by training and lifelong interest, was born on November 11, 1929, in Conrad, a small town on the high plains of Montana near Glacier National Park. He entered the University of Montana in 1947 and engaged upon a series of studies including ancient history, ancient literature, climatology, genetics, geography, geomorphology, mathematics and philosophy.

While absorbing humanistic viewpoints, he also began to read the Bible, and to reflect upon its claims. In 1948, he experienced conversion to Biblical Christianity, and through a coincidence, was given pulpit duties as a student at a small, rural community church in the village of Lolo. Following his conversion, this further experience in lay preaching and teaching was a most profound influence in his young manhood, coming in the midst of his studies.

Mr. Patten received a B.A, in Geography from the University of Washington in 1951, and an M.A. in Geography in 1962. Mr. Patten and his wife Lorraine have one daughter and six sons.

The biblical flood and ice epoch was conceived in 1960, and has been generated by his interests in various fields of geography, history and science.

The Biblical Flood & The Ice Epoch
His earlier book...

The author contends that, through the agency of astral principles, the Earth became engaged, or engulfed, in simultaneous gravitational upheavals and magnetic conflicts. There came with suddenness to our fragile, spiraling sphere, THE BIBLICAL FLOOD AND THE ICE EPOCH. Readers of this unique book will find a challenging and refreshing view of ancient catastrophism and its conclusion, Divine Creation, a subject of importance in this age of increasing intellectual rootlessness.

It is over and against the prevailing monopoly of uniformitarian thought (which proposes that oceans of time are necessary for anything and everything, both geologically and biologically) that Mr. Patten proposes his view of historical celestial crises, global catastrophes. Such catastrophes may explain many features about several planets. Such catastrophes, relative to the Earth-Moon system, explain the raising up of mountain ranges, sweeping across the face of the Earth in arcuate alignment, similar to the mountain patterns of the Moon.

This was achieved suddenly, and by tidal upheavals within the oceans (of centrifugally rotating lava) within the Earth's crust. Simultaneously, tidal upheavals engulfing the oceans raised tides of subcontinental dimensions on the Earth's crust, thus the historically recorded Deluge, or Flood.

Pacific Meridian Publishing Company
13540 39th Avenue N.E.,  Seattle, WA. 98125 USA

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The biblical flood and ice epoch was conceived in 1960, and has been generated by his interests in various fields of geography, history and science.
With permission (13 May 2008) and cooperation by:
by  Donald W. Patten &  Samuel R. Windsor
Copyright 1996, 2003
Judy Fenton (Daughter)
Seattle, WA 98125 USA

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