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Gigantism Before the Noah's flood!


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 Gigantism Before the Noah's flood!
  The marvelous & more numerous species on our planet prior to Noah's Flood Catastrophe...
T Reptile length  (Frame-work-7)
  Hypothyroidism (cretinism)
  The soils of the Earth having been washed with mineral-dispersing flood-tides!
God created the great sea monsters and every living creature that moves!
  About the author Donald W. Patten & his scientifically written book!
  The Biblical Flood & The Ice Epoch
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Noah's Flood
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Gigantism Before the Noah's flood!
The marvelous & more numerous species on our planet prior to
Noah's Flood Catastrophe...
W. Patten © (10)










Gigantism  Acromegaly, a thickening in bone structure after maturation, is one phase of the function of growth hormone. The other phase is gigantism, which is caused by an increase in the rate of growth hormone before maturation. Antediluvians matured more slowly than men in the present age, but after maturation, they degenerated even more slowly. Growth hormone, either in excessive amounts or over greater lengths of time before maturation, results in gigantism, whereas growth hormone in excessive amounts after maturation results in acromegaly.

Many mammals in fossil form exhibit a tendency to gigantism; they often are twice the size of their current counterparts. Among examples are bears, camels, panthers, pigs, rhinoceroses, elephants, tigers, and wolves. Fossil birds were much larger than their modern counterparts. Insects also were larger. Dragonflies with twenty- and thirty-inch wing spreads have been found, and the examples of the fossil reptiles (dinosaurs and turtles) also show great extremes. Furthermore, fossil flora (plant life) also exhibit these same tendencies toward gigantism.

Although generally speaking, gigantism was common in the earlier age, it was by no means uniform. Sometimes a rule is proved by exceptions. Two exceptions are the horse and the sloth. Fossil horses (eohippuses) have been found, some 15 to 20 inches high. This is an example of an animal, large in our age, but small in the previous age.

On the other hand, there are fossil forms of sloths which weighed 10,000 pounds. This is an example of an animal, small in our age, but very large in the previous age. Thus, there are exceptions to the general rule of antediluvian gigantism, and the exceptions run in both directions.
(Picture: Human footprint in Dino footprint[)

In the matter of gigantism, dimensions can be somewhat deceptive. Brachiosaurus, for instance, was twice as tall as the imperial elephant. But he outweighed the elephant by about 45 tons--some 50 tons to 5 tons. Gigantism in the earlier age can be illustrated by the following list which gives the length of fossil reptiles. A list of large fossil mammals is also given:
Frame-work 7 -  Reptile length
  Large Reptiles
 (Size to the left)
Mammals exceeding 10 feet
in height at the shoulders
87 1/2 Diplodocus


67 Bronosaurus Alticamelus
65 Bachiosaurus Amebelodon
40 Icthyosaurus Baluchitherium
35 Allosaurus Brontops
30 Trachodon Megatherium
30 Triceratops Mammoth
25 Pteradon (wingspread) Promerycochoerus
20 Stegosaurus Subhyradocon
20 Tyrannosaurus Teleoceras
20 Tylosaurus Tritemnodon
12 Archelon (turtle) Uintatherium
6 Humans  

It can very well be assumed that many species and varieties of animals in the fossil record have yet to be unearthed. But enough fossil animals exist to support the conclusion that different patterns of growth hormone, and probably also longevity, occurred in the previous age. Among its results were both acromegaly for some forms, gigantism for other forms, and both for yet other forms. This occurred not only in man and in other mammals, but in reptiles, birds, insects and apparently all fauna, and flora also.

Growth hormone and acromegaly are one endocrine imbalance which is suspected as being common in the previous age. Another is hypothyroidism, an undereffectiveness of the thyroid Eland. While growth hormone and hyperpituitarism contribute to acromegaly and gigantism, hypothyroidism contributes to dwarfism. These factors seemingly were all inextricably tied in with the principle of differing rates of maturation and longevity in the earlier age, and the Greenhouse Effect.


Another hormone malfunction, hypothyroidism, involves the thyroid gland, the controlling mechanism of body metabolism. In the earlier age, there was a lack of winds, due to the heat equilibrium. The resultant lack of both horizontal and vertical mixing of the atmosphere meant no rains or mature river systems. But the abundant water vapor and diurnal dew resulted in plenty of moisture, and abundant swamps. These factors imply that soluble minerals (salts of bromine, cadmium, calcium, chlorine, cobalt, copper, fluorine, iodine, manganese, potassium, and sodium) would not be dispersed very widely in nature and there would be little in the way of leached soils, a circumstance which would contribute to soil structure. Some of these minerals are required by the human physiology, if only in trace amounts. Iodine deficiency would be likely in soils scattered across the Earth's surface in that earlier climatologically regime. Fluorine, an important element in bone salts, including dentition, perhaps was even more poorly distributed.

Iodine in trace amounts is vital to the proper functioning of the metabolic processes. When iodine is lacking in the diet, or when the gland itself malfunctions, hypothyroidism results.

The soils of the Earth having been washed
with mineral-dispersing flood-tides!

Even in our age, with the soils of the Earth having been washed with mineral-dispersing flood-tides, there are areas in which iodine is lacking in the soil, and in the diet (without iodized salt). These regions include the glaciated Alpine region of Europe, the Himalayan-Tibetan region of Asia, the glaciated Scandinavian Upland of Northern Europe, and the glaciated Canadian Shield and Great Lakes Region of North America. Cretinism was a common condition in Switzerland up to and even into the twentieth century.

Hypothyroidism further complicates the skeletal system, with its tendency to produce a particular type of dwarfism. Thus acromegaly, related to gigantism, and hypothyroidism, related to dwarfism, are considered to have been simultaneous factors in the earlier age.

Gigantism, already noted throughout the fossil record, was apparently related to longevity in the earlier age. It has already been proposed that longevity was the norm in the previous age. The Biblical record takes considerable pains to make this point clear. Scriptures log the lives of antediluvians in such a way that 10% of their lives were lived prior to maturation (when the epiphyses seal)and 90% after maturation. This compares with a 25-75% ratio in the present age.

In Genesis (6:4) the record states that "there were giants in the earth in those days." Whether this refers to giant animals or a large race of men is not clear; this writer presumes the former.27 However it has been posited that cavewall art in New Mexico includes reproductions of dinosaurs, even as cavewall art in France and Spain give reproductions of bison, mammoths and reindeer. Whichever way it is taken, it does nothing to contradict our proposition that more growth hormone, throughout the animal kingdom, was one feature of that age. Another Genesis statement in a similar category is as follows:  

God created the great sea monsters and every living creature that moves
(Genesis 1:20, Amplified).

Although the great sea monsters are not elaborated upon, it is striking to recount how impressive some of the aquatic dinosaurs must have been.

Thus it is believed that in mammals, both acromegaly and regional cretinism were normal for that age, even as gigantism was also normal among birds, fish, reptiles, plant life, and numerous oversized mammals, including ostriches, pigs, pachyderms, rhinoceroses, and many others.

For gigantic animals in that age, a long list can be cited, and it might include such interesting specimens as the agriotherium, the alticamelus, the amphicyon, the baluchitherium, the brontops, the moropus, the syndoceras, the psittachtherium and the teleo-ceras among others.

About the author Donald W. Patten & his scientifically written book!

Donald W. Patten, a geographer by training and lifelong interest, was born on November 11, 1929, in Conrad, a small town on the high plains of Montana near Glacier National Park. He entered the University of Montana in 1947 and engaged upon a series of studies including ancient history, ancient literature, climatology, genetics, geography, geomorphology, mathematics and philosophy.

While absorbing humanistic viewpoints, he also began to read the Bible, and to reflect upon its claims. In 1948, he experienced conversion to Biblical Christianity, and through a coincidence, was given pulpit duties as a student at a small, rural community church in the village of Lolo. Following his conversion, this further experience in lay preaching and teaching was a most profound influence in his young manhood, coming in the midst of his studies.

Mr. Patten received a B.A, in Geography from the University of Washington in 1951, and an M.A. in Geography in 1962. Mr. Patten and his wife Lorraine have one daughter and six sons.

The biblical flood and ice epoch was conceived in 1960, and has been generated by his interests in various fields of geography, history and science.

The Biblical Flood & The Ice Epoch

The author contends that, through the agency of astral principles, the Earth became engaged, or engulfed, in simultaneous gravitational upheavals and magnetic conflicts. There came with suddenness to our fragile, spiraling sphere, THE BIBLICAL FLOOD AND THE ICE EPOCH. Readers of this unique book will find a challenging and refreshing view of ancient catastrophism and its conclusion, Divine Creation, a subject of importance in this age of increasing intellectual rootlessness.

It is over and against the prevailing monopoly of uniformitarian thought (which proposes that oceans of time are necessary for anything and everything, both geologically and biologically) that Mr. Patten proposes his view of historical celestial crises, global catastrophes. Such catastrophes may explain many features about several planets. Such catastrophes, relative to the Earth-Moon system, explain the raising up of mountain ranges, sweeping across the face of the Earth in arcuate alignment, similar to the mountain patterns of the Moon.

This was achieved suddenly, and by tidal upheavals within the oceans (of centrifugally rotating lava) within the Earth's crust. Simultaneously, tidal upheavals engulfing the oceans raised tides of subcontinental dimensions on the Earth's crust, thus the historically recorded Deluge, or Flood.

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The biblical flood and ice epoch was conceived in 1960, and has been generated by his interests in various fields of geography, history and science.
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