Revelation Ch 11
2 Tribulation
 The 2 End-Time-Tribulation

The Miracle & Mystery of the
Jewish "Prayer-Shawl"

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Noah's Flood! Catastrophism

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Catastrophism such as the Noah's flood has been clearly and consistently associated with Biblical doctrines! The Scriptural Books of Genesis and Job are similarly found to be correct with respect to Earth history! The writings' on the Biblical Flood; this is why it is essential to understand the nature of the Flood, as well as the scope of the effects!



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Carrying Light! The Ark of the Covenant! Carrying the Ark Adoration

We will lift up our thankfulness to the Lord our God Who blessed us so much during all Conference! The Glory of the Lord Most High was in these places!





Dancing with Flags for God! Adoration for God! Worship with Percussions Blowing the Shofar!
Carrying "Light" "Elders" before "Throne" Dancing for God! Flag-Celebration before God!

Prayer Warriors Intercessory Visionaries

We are gathering a select group of dedicated Prayer Warriors. Intercessory, Visionaries, who know they have a unique Anointing, Unction and special Spiritual capacity to pray,  intercede, and believe specifically for breakthrough also during  conferences! Is it to much to ask to God, that He will send a Revival?

Part of the drama of "the anointing of King Saul           



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